Seen Any Giantesses Lately?

I have.

I swear to you, hand to heaven, this picture has not taken a trip through GIMP or any other program; it’s natural, taken with the Windows 7 Snipping Tool and just shrunk down to fit the blog.  I was walking between stores in The Tides region of the Fantasy Faire, when I saw something massive rezz up in front of me.  The next thing I know, there’s a giantess standing in the water!  It’s the usual 20 meters to the ocean floor here, so that brings the surface to her knees.  Then add on maybe another 30 or 40 meters in height, 20 at least!

I even recognize the costume:  it’s one of Deviance’s.  I’ve worn this before myself, but this is not me.  I managed to get a name, which I won’t share for privacy’s sake here, but I didn’t find her in Search.  I was having camera and snapshot difficulties, so I was walking over to the next sim to get a picture of her from there; she seemed to be bouncing off the region boundary.  Right about then, Second Life crashed; when I logged back in, she was gone.  (Grrrr!)

Has anybody heard of giant avatars like this out there?  Everything’s in proportion, and I don’t think skins, shapes and sliders will go this far.  Could this be a new aspect of mesh we haven’t heard of before?  Anybody have any ideas????

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