Blogger Fashion Challenge — Fictional Characters

UPDATE, July 7:  Many have accepted the challenge; their pingbacks or links are in the comments below.  You can join the crowd; shoot your shot, and let us know!

Here’s a challenge for all you fashion bloggers out there. Odds are that you have favorite books or book characters – ones that have you coming back to a story or series again and again. One of mine seems to be Lieutenant Eve Dallas, the homicide cop in 2060 New York, as written by J. D. Robb. While re-reading Treachery in Death yesterday, it came to me: I could put together the wardrobe described in here and model it from Second Life.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it: select your favorite character and portray them in an appropriate setting, appropriately dressed. (Let us know who you purchased it all from, of course.) You can use an existing scene from a book, as I did, to make it simpler; if you have the creativity to put them together yourself, so much the better. Please remember to link back to this article, so I get a pingback to yours; or drop a comment with your own article URL! You don’t have to work it up as elaborately as I’m about to do, but it wouldn’t be a bad thing to see your thoughts on your character, and maybe the quote that inspires you.

Time frame is wide open on this challenge; add an article when you see fit, whenever inspiration strikes you.  I won’t be able to insert my own here today, but it should be up tomorrow.  Let’s see what you all can do here!

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