Strawberry Singh Wants Your Digits — Again!

No, not your fingers.  The numbers of your body — specifically the settings on your shape.

You may recall from a year ago, Berry asked us all what our “digits” were.  She was curious for various reasons, including if we felt comfortable in our “bodies” — admittedly, as she said herself, a silly notion in a virtual world where you can be what you want to be when you want to be it.  There’s always been a debate on just what the body size settings correspond to in Real Life, and several rulers have been developed and marketed over time to give a better picture of such things.  Well, a lot of change has come along on the Grid since then, including, of course, the advent of mesh and the designer creation of the “Standard Sizing System” to cope with the peculiarities rigged mesh has.

So Berry is asking again for you to share your shape numbers — as much as you’re comfortable with — as a sort of SL-wide research project.  She has published her own in her articles, and she provides a link to a nice, accurate height ruler called the Avatar Ruler. I will probably take her up on this in a day or so myself.

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