Contact Sheet 45 — Wyeth-esque Landscape

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Longtime readers of this blog will probably know of my love for the work of Andrew Wyeth.  This modern realist painter first came to my attention in the 1980s, with the publicity furor over his Helga series of paintings; I was intrigued enough to track down every book on Wyeth that my library had, and discovered the power of his work, running back to the days of the famous Christina’s World (1948).

Copyright 2012 by podenga; all rights reserved.

It’s a pleasure to find a piece that is reminiscent of his work, which was practically a fountainhead for an entire school of modern realism.  I know nothing for sure about “podenga,” except that I follow his/her stream regularly.  This one leaped out at me today as I was checking through the previous day’s new works on Flickr.  I’d urge you to click through and take a better look in a larger size!

(If you’re curious at all about Wyeth’s work, I encourage you to explore it, both online and at your own local library.  Remember, though, Andy was only one of a family of creative masters, beginning with his father, Newell Convers (N. C.) Wyeth, and coming down through every branch of the family to the present day.  You can see a very brief overview of their work at a site for what looks like a family gallery.)

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