Shameless Commerce 2: Real Life Prints of My Original Art!

Many of you who read this blog may also be familiar with my original photographic work, on display at Flickr and Koinup. You may not know, though, that I sell prints of my better pieces in world at my store, Harper’s Fine Art and Photographs.

That is now extended to anyone who wishes to purchase a piece in real life.  Koinup’s partner, Bigoom, makes it possible for me to offer prints of my work in various sizes, from postal card for sending to your friends up to large sizes on high-quality paper, printed with eight-color plotters.  Please stop by my pinboard at Pinterest for my current catalogue, and you’ll be able to make your choices.  Please note that the price you’ll see quoted is the MAXIMUM LIST PRICE for the LARGEST SIZE AVAILABLE; please click through to see what the current prices are. A variety of sizes and prices are available!  For instance, one of my best pieces, Spirit’s Blessing, may be had in 17 different sizes, ranging from about $2.00 in postal card size (21 x 15 cm), up to about $85.00 for a full-size print on art canvas (100 x 67 cm).  Prices are quoted in both euros (as Bigoom is based in Italy) and U.S. dollars.

Please stop by and consider a purchase!  Ten items are currently available; more will be added with time, usually on a monthly basis.  Thanks much!

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