New Store for Harper’s Fine Art!

Harper’s Fine Art has moved into a larger store on the other end of the mall I was already in!  The move gives me more prims to work with, which means I can have more of my collection out.  It also gives me room for a second floor, which will have lots of stained glass as soon as I can build it — I’m already in the process on that — and a larger Secret (Public) Photo Studio, now with a changing room!  With as much room as I now have on the (effective) 4th floor, I am willing to offer temporary rental space to anyone who wants to build a more elaborate set for their own photos, limited to one-day setups if over my maximum of about 125 prims.

Along with the move comes a more unified look to my signage, including what will be a species of actual logo for Harper’s Art (though if someone can do me an original piece of artwork at a good price, I’ll be quite willing to consider it).  What hasn’t changed is my commitment to offer the finest in both reproduction and original art at affordable prices, along with occasional sideline items that may tickle your fancy.

Come “join me in Desire.”  I think you’ll find something you like!

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