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pteron is a fascinating place to visit — an ancient, abandoned city that is also a gateway to many other places of mysteriousness.  I’ve used it myself several times for photo shoots, and a few of my best pieces come from there (as well as a few lame ones, at least in my opinion).  It’s almost always worth a look at the work that comes from this moody, surrealistic place of so many surprises.  Today for Contact Sheet, “TikiB” on Koinup offers us this interpretation:

Tiki looks like she shot this in the main section of pteron, the hub for reaching all other places.  The lighting here is green and mysterious in normal form, as if the walls are alive and radiating light by themselves, or perhaps showing the decay-light of some radiation; Tiki has altered the lighting for her photo, or reworked it in post-processing, and the stream behind the model seems to be coming from her, a wake that she leaves as she walks out of the frame.  An impressive piece.

SUPPLEMENTAL, November 14:

In thanking me for adding her photo to Contact Sheet, Tiki wrote in the personal comments on my Koinup home page (sic):

It is an honour for me Harper, this invitation and the fact that you choose/selected my photo for your blog. I couldn’t believe it when i first read it. I loved the description that you gave the image. The picture is taken on top of the tower; and the mist is actually something that comes from the tower and nearby. I wanted a greenish, emerald, glowing atmosphere, something i achieved with a windlightsetting from Torley Linden, can’t remember wich one. And i put a texturelayer over it, with a sparks to give it a Scy-Fy feeling. :-) The headdress of from Tekeli ‘li gave me the idea for the scene (I discovered Pteron browsing destinations on

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