5 Years of Around the Grid!

Well, my ambition to write every day this month has been spoiled, but by a family emergency that I’ve been helping my husband to cope with, so I’ll claim special pleading for this.  But I wasn’t going to miss this day.

It’s been five full years, you see, since I first started publishing the bits of curiosity and supposed art that I call Around the Grid.  Not many blogs of any kind — Second Life, Real Life, fashion, news, personal, LOLcats, whatever — can claim five straight years of reasonably consistent publishing.  I haven’t always hit every week, as I’ve hoped to; but I’ve come pretty close to it, I’ve started a few traditions to add interest and uniqueness to this effort, and I think I’ve improved some over time.  I know my photography, and even my storytelling and poetry, have gotten workouts and practice in the time I’ve used Second Life as a channel for creativity.  It’s given me a way to express things I could not in the Real World, and I’ll always be thankful for that.

If you’re interested in a few stats — very few, I promise you….

Thanks for hanging around (grin).  As I said, it’s just a few stats, since my numbers have congealed in many areas.

  • Total articles:  822 (including this one)
  • Total visits (as of this writing):  112, 661
  • Average visits per year:  22,500
  • Average visits per day:  61
  • Visits past year (approximately):  18,250
  • Total WordPress subscribers:  80
  • Plus many followers (some of them actually legitimate!) on Facebook and Twitter

I’ve never dreamed of having this much audience!  I can only hope that my work has pleased you, my readers and visitors.  It doesn’t always please me in the end, but I keep plugging away, believing that the next article or photo will be that much better than the last, or at least a little less bad.

Why does someone stay with what’s, in the end, despite our protests, a glorified game with no real goal?  Lord knows, I’ve poured more discretionary money into this thing than I’d ever planned — perhaps some money that wasn’t that discretionary, as well, but I didn’t see that until too late.  But I’ve enjoyed it, and I’ve enjoyed writing about it all these years.  And, as long as Second Life keeps going with good stuff by its Residents, as long as my interest is maintained in the possibilities of this virtual world we call home, and unless some fresh RL problem comes up to interfere with or cancel my ability to come in world, I plan to keep on visiting and writing.

The next big milestone for Around the Grid, other than Christmas, will be the coming Oscar Fashion Contest in the early part of RL 2013.  But don’t forget the other, smaller milestones — every article that I publish here that you think is of some kind of worth.  Thanks for coming through, and I hope you’ll keep on doing so!


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