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You may suddenly notice several changes here at Around the Grid.  That’s because I’m now in the position to tweak a number of settings that I couldn’t do before, with a purely free blog.  That has changed now, as I’ve upgraded to a paid account on WordPress.com.  I wrestled with the thought of moving off and purchasing a self-hosted domain; but that means essentially maintaining two blogs, which I’ve tried before — not happily.  The package I’ve bought from Matt’s Minions gives me more storage space for graphics, kills the ads some of you may see if you’re not logged in as a wordpress.com user, lets me use custom fonts (and even tweak the style sheet of the blog in the future if I choose), and gives me my own domain name, all for a very reasonable price per year.  The one downside is that I still won’t be able to use external JavaScript widgets; but I’ve gotten by pretty well without those so far.

Speaking of the domain, fear not; you can still reach here via harperganesvoort.wordpress.com.  All old addresses and bookmarks will still work.  But, if you wish to keep up with the times, update your bookmarks to http://harper-ganesvoort.com/.  You have to admit, that’s a little snappier; plus I get all the existing support of wordpress.com, and their changes and additions ahead of anyone with a self-hosted .org blog.  Plus I won’t need to migrate all the graphics and goodies I have on here to a new server.

Watch in the future for another change that I’m considering for the future — works of fiction that have nothing to do with Second Life!


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