2013 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — Update 2

Two weeks to go before submissions close on this year’s OFPC, people!  You have two weeks to work out your look for the Academy Awards (be it red carpet, one of the parties, or just posing), get it photographed, and submit it to the groups on Flickr or Koinup.  There will be competition here, too; I have about 40 entries now.  Time to start running through the racks at the designers’ stores!!

A clarification, by the way, that someone brought up to me in an IM a few days ago:  you don’t have to purchase a dress from my contest sponsors.  Sacha and Dani are kindly supplying gift cards to improve the prize pool from my usual levels in the past.  (Next year, I’ll start canvassing the designers a month or so earlier, to see if I can get more stuff for the fifth contest!)  Having said that, they won’t turn down your lindens if you choose to shop with them (grin), but wearing one of their gowns is not a requirement.  Relax, and choose your favorite designer.

Another thing that is not usually obvious in the normal parade of plumage:  men are welcome as well to this clambake!  It’s true that the women usually do the shining at red-carpet affairs such as this; but there are guys with super good looks as well — especially now that we’re no longer in the silliness of the Sloppy Seventies or the “Gates-Ajar Collar” Eighties.  (I never did like that style trend on men, even on my husband at our marriage.  But that’s what the formal wear shops were carrying, even into the early Nineties.)  As long as it’s clearly for a festive formal occasion, you can enter it.  If you can work out how you’re gonna split any prize money if you win, you can even team up with a lady in a “team” appearance.  I will say this:  for any team winners in the honorable mentions, each will receive a L$250 check.

I encourage you to not just shoot a photo and upload it to Flickr or Koinup, but to do a fashion writeup in the caption or in a blog article of your own.  And if you do the article, please remember to link back to my original announcement or one of these updates.  That helps spread the word so that more people can get in and have the fun!

How about a little style parade from RL, as I did a few times last year?  Let’s consider one of the prime contenders for this year’s awards, Anne Hathaway, nominated this year, of course, for her wrenching performace as Fantine in Les Misérables.  Anne is almost always a style contender on the red carpet, as this sequence from the Oscars and other events shows:

Anne 2009

2009 Oscars — Anne was nominated this year as well, and arrived in a silver Armani Privé gown covered in paillettes of varying sizes from tiny to a few inches across.  Stunning!

83rd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Anne co-hosted the ceremony in 2010.  Besides the gown she arrived in (vintage Valentino — who else could it be with that almost trademarked red?), she worked (l-r, top to bottom) an ivory Givenchy dress smacking a tiny bit of Audrey Hepburn’s Sabrina gown; a Lanvin tux for a musical number; high-octane Vivienne Westwood; a one-shouldered Oscar de la Renta that smacked of movie-style Twenties dresses with its fringe; beaded Atelier Versace; a svelte Armani Privé blue column (my personal favorite); and a hematite-colored Tom Ford number for the finale of the show.

Anne London 2012

Let’s come up to current times.  Hathaway has been wowing the crowds since Les Misérables opened in London, when she appeared in a white silk Givenchy halter dress that draped off her arms to bare her back.

Anne NY 2012

While at the New York opening, Anne took a big chance wearing something completely opposite from London — this black Tom Ford, with a capelet that was caught up by loops at her wrists, and gladiator pump “boots” kept on display by a skirt that was slit almost all the way up her thigh.  Sharp and modernist to the extreme; but the talk was pulled away from the actress when someone caught a flash of an undesirable location as she was getting out of the limousine.  Yes, we’ve burned our bras, but we haven’t burned our panties yet; a mistake here.

Anne GG 2013

After the goof in New York, Anne may have decided to back off a touch.  She’s back to classic lines here at the 2013 Golden Globes in pristine white Chanel, covered with crystals.  She never seems to go in for gobs of jewelry, and she stays with that here, sporting only a pair of bracelets and earrings.


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