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The OFPC might be over for another year, but I’m still scrambling to get back into stride here at Around the Grid, what with various RL things going on; I seem to be on the road quite a bit lately, so that my usual times for writing are getting eaten up.  So it was delightful to get a few minutes to jump over to Dani Plassitz’ store, Styles by Danielle, and pick up a few beautiful things to do a photo shoot. 

The sweater, her Nunna, is an off-the-shoulder mesh piece that comes in several colors.  (Since I’m a redhead by preference, I picked up the blue one, not surprisingly.)  One suggestion:  you might wish to carefully check the shoulders here when you get a demo.  I needed to finally reduce down my torso muscles, I think it was, by a few clicks to get a clean fit in the best version.  But it’s a nice, warm sweater to wear, especially when you’re feeling the temperature get a little chilly in the Baja coast district I visited to model this.

The sweater goes over an older Danielle piece, one of her leather tops in a gold color.  Since I smelled a color theme coming on, I went for blue jeans — in this case, a pair of vintage Last Call jeans!  The vintage continues with the Bax Coen gold boots, which I turned down the cuffs on after switching them to a dark denim lining.

Baja Sunset 2

The jewelry continues the fun feel of this outfit:  je suis’ asymetrique.  I chose the all colors set, and switched the pieces to alternating blue and gold, and kept them my only jewelry aside from the friendship ring I was gifted with by good friend Nanceee.  Truth Hawks seems to be supplying most of my more standard hair lately; here I’m wearing his recent Magdalena pileup.


The details:

Skin:  PXL Faith (SK NE LEB)
Eyes:  Sterling Artistry Starlight Eyes (Brightly Blue)
Hair:  Truth Magdalena (cranberry, w/roots)
Nails:  Mandala HUD Nails (medium)
Shirt:  Danielle Leather Top (Gold)
Sweater:  Danielle Nunna Sweater (Navy Blue; mesh)
Pants:  Last Call Dressage Dark Jeans (no longer available)
Shoes:  BAX Prestige Boots (Gold)
Makeup:  Glamorize Gentle Breeze Makeup (Combo 1)
Available accessories (all by je suis):  asymetrique Earrings and Necklace (scripted, all colors); charmante Glasses (blues v.2)

Photographed in Salt Water region.


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