Saint Patrick’s Day 2013

No matter where you are — even if it’s in a virtual world — March 17 brings out the Irish in you in a good way.  We don’t go in for green beer too much in world; but we do party, quite a bit.  (Hey, any good excuse for a party!)  And, even though there have been several almost continuous venues all weekend, the most traditional place to go, and probably the purist Irish experience, is in Dublin region at that grid-wide famous pub, The Blarney Stone.

SPD casual_002

SPD casual_006

For anything in the mornings, I’m quite appropriately dressed here in a lovely silk mesh sheath from coldLogic that is very reminiscent to me of Anne Hathaway’s red-carpet gown for this year’s Oscars.  Being coldLogic, the fitting is excellent.  I pair it up with a light makeup palette and a loose mesh hairstyle from Truth, who’s essentially my go-to guy for non-exotic hair these days.  (It may be time for a mass inventory cleanout; I’ll have to consider.)

SPD formal_001

SPD formal_003

As the night comes on, even The Blarney Stone can see the occasional evening gown. Mine is extra special: my big donation purchase at Fashion For Life, a beautiful dress from Mohna Lisa Couture.  Made of a sparkling emerald ribbed satin mesh, it comes with its own earrings, and a pair of gauzy attachments at the breast and shoulder, as well as the fashion-required flounce at the lower legs. The makeup is, of course, more dramatic in this case — I added a line of heavier green eyeshadow, and gold lipstick with a shot of orange for the orange part of the Irish tricolor; and longer nails. Instead of the chunky onyx collar I wore in the morning, the vintage necklace here is finer, and has multiple small cabochon emerald beads.

I hope you had a good Saint Patrick’s Day, wherever you celebrated!


The details:

Casual —

  • Skin: PXL Faith (SK NE LEB)
  • Eyes: Sterling Artistry Starlight Eyes (Luminous Sage)
  • Hair: Truth Kasia (mesh; cranberry w/roots)
  • Nails: Mandala HUD Nails (short length)
  • Dress: coldLogic noel (mesh; emerald)
  • Tights: G.L.A.M. tights (no longer avialable)
  • Shoes: BAX Coen Prestige Boots (black)
  • Makeup (eyeshadow in layer order): elymode makeup – green & gold; BOOM Liquid Glaze (lashed orange).  (No lipstick; I went with the skin color)
  • Jewelry: Moonshadow Abelia suite (necklace and earrings; gold)

Gown —

  • Skin and eyes: Same as above
  • Nails: Mandala HUD Nails (medium length)
  • Hair: Truth Portia (mesh; cranberry w/roots)
  • Gown: Mohna Lisa Couture Tatiana (mesh; emerald)
  • Shoes: Detour Glamour Metallic Pumps (gold)
  • Makeup (eyeshadow in layer order): elymode makeup green & gold); Oceane Satin Shimmery Eyeshadow (emerald); BOOM Liquid Glaze (lashed orange); Glamorize Dirty Babe lipstick (AUsome, part of a 30-color package)
  • Jewelry: U & R Dogs Traumerei Necklace; EarthStones Bullseye Ring (emerald/gold); Mohna Lisa Tatiana earrings (in package with dress)

Poses:  various

Photographed at The Blarney Stone, Dublin region


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