World Goth Fair 1 blog

demons got me stressing overtime
questions and doubts filling my mind
apprehensions and misconceptions
leading to momentary indiscretions

give me back my mind i scream
but it’s really my heart that’s lost
why can’t i wake from this godawful dream?
cause i sold my soul and can’t remember the cost

depression and madness diseases with no cure
caught in the balance where neither good nor evil is sure
in the closet or out makes no difference in the end
cause where it all stops is still where it all begins

World Goth Fair 2 blog

i never knew there’d be days like this
they weren’t in the stories mama told
never knew my life would be anything less than bliss
daddy never explained how it felt to get old

voices in the night reminding me of your face
while out of the corner of my eye i see a ghost
strut in and take a seat at your place
making me wish i could run back to the west coast

World Goth Fair 3 blog

not much for fears, portents, or signs
maybe i’ll calm down if i write a few lines
but the words are forgotten, and the rhymes won’t flow
parlez vous francais, forget the anglais, no?

the haitian goddess voodoo queen bows down
feeling like a zombie, witch man done ate my soul
i know the gold i’m holding used to be my crown
but now it’s just a ring of blood around a pitch black hole

the past’s got me tripping, falling, running scared
black lorelei floating, head shaved, breasts bared
there was a door to this cave, but i sealed it long ago
and if you’ve followed me this far, i’m sure i’ll never let you go

  • Madness of the Voodoo Queen, author unknown

Costume no longer available

Photo taken at the World Goth Fair, Port Seraphine


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