Stake Your Claim (thanks to Strawberry Singh)

Strawberry Singh has just published an excellent article on the benefits of using the tools available to you in Google to tie your authorship in to article listings on the search engine.  It’s definitely worth a visit to read and consider if you publish a blog.  (For the record, Bing does the same thing, in a somewhat similar process.)

After putting it all together, here’s how a Google search on my name comes out:


Part of this comes from tying your name and site in with your Google+ profile; so, if you don’t have your blog’s URL listed on your Plus profile, do so now.  Mine took a little tweaking to get it looking like this, correcting a few fields such as the profession slot.

Incidentally, if you’re on, as I am currently, the process isn’t the same as if you were running a self-hosted blog ( or some other service). doesn’t let you alter the header blocks of your pages or get into the templates to tweak them around by hand. Relax; be strong, and fear not.1 gives you a simple workaround, and it’s right in your admin controls. Read the details here, and choose Tools / Available Tools to get going.


1 Yeah, yeah, I know: “Be stoned, and fear nothing!” Now go away and do the Time Warp again.


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