Hair Fair 2013 — Updated

hair fair 2013

It’s hard to believe, but Hair Fair is upon us again!  It sneaked up on me this year; I usually look forward to this event each year, but the summer has been active beyond belief with getting my daughter squared away for her freshman year at college (and figuring out how to arrange the budget to pay for it; but that’s another story).  In any case, the time is here; the fair opens on Saturday, July 13, and the Hair Fair Demo group is delivering demo boxes now to members, so you can check out the styles in the quieter, less laggy place of your preference.  Not everyone has served up yet, but I’d say for a starter to check out some of the offerings from Slink, sYs and cheveux.  Remember, if you join the demo group, you can catch up on demos that have already been delivered by going to the Notices tab of the group in your viewer and clicking on each message present, then click on the attachment button below there.

And remember, too, that monies received goes to benefit Wigs for Kids, which provides wigs for children with various hair conditions.  Last year’s Hair Fair took in almost L$2.8 million, a RL contribution of nearly $11,000!

The Fair will run from July 13-28.  I hope to see you there.

SUPPLEMENTAL, 12:48 p.m.:  That other Harper (some chick name of Beresford, I think) has put up some shots of items, and a map and sim list.


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