Tutorial On Tattoo Makeup — Daytime

Time for a bit of a tutorial here.  “Old hands” may not particularly need a refresher; but I actually encountered an established Resident the other day who complimented me on my makeup choices, and then said that she could never figure out how to do eyeshadow the way she liked.  So some older Residents may want to take a look at this as well.  It’s also an appropriate time to take a glance at makeup, since this quarter’s MONS Cosmetic Fair is running.  I’ve taken a turn through — getting new eyeshadow tattoos and lipstick and nails for SLink hands is almost as much fun as extreme hair at Hair Fair — and it pays to know how to use those tattoos to the best effect.

I’m going to do two different looks:  a form for casual or semi-casual occasions, and another for something much more exotic, more like a costume event, or a Sixties-style modeling session with Veruschka or Edie Sedgwick in front of the lens.  In both cases, my skin is Faith (sunkissed, nude lips) by PXL’s Hart Larsson, which is my standard day-to-day skin.  The nude lips have the advantage of less interference with lipstick if you’ve picked up a lip tattoo that doesn’t cover the entire lip line; but sometimes having pre-dyed lips below a small tattoo can give an interesting grace note to the look.  Lipstick, though, can be left for the end of the session.

Keep in mind that the products I use may have been available in the past, but that doesn’t guarantee that they’re on hand now.  I like to use lots of old standbys that have worked for a long time, though I may juggle the palette around at times for different colors, depending on my hair and clothes.  Once you start building a makeup collection, you’ll probably accumulate a batch of goodies that become your “go-to” products as well.

Casual/Semi-casual Look

Semi-casual scrubbed

1.  The first thing to do, just like in RL, is to start with a clean face, no matter what look you’re aiming for.  Another advantage with a “nude” skin is that you have no makeup on, aside from maybe a little eyeliner (depending, of course, on the skin designer).  There are skins available with no liner at all, and many makeups cover the system liner as well in favor of their own built into the tattoo.  Hart gives a good eyebrow line here with his bald cap, and the thickness of the brows themselves is maybe just a little over fashion, but still very good.

The main thing to remember about the tattoo system is that it’s applied in layers, but that you must choose the right menu command to apply the look properly.  The next thing is that, as with all attachment points on your avatar, you have only five layers available to you.  In this picture, I have all five layers available to me currently, since I’m wearing a hairstyle that doesn’t require a hair base underneath.  If you need a base for your style, that will use up one of your layers, so keep that in mind when you’re putting together your look.  Another consideration that can burn a layer is starting to enter in — I’m starting to see blush tattoos available, and found one at the Cosmetics Fair during my shopping jaunt yesterday.  With both that and a hair base on, you’re reduced down to three available layers; and, if you’re wearing a body tattoo as well, that leaves you only two to get your look in shape1.  Again, just like in RL, what you can do may involve tradeoffs.

But here, as stated, I have all five layers available, the maximum in flexibility.  So now I want to decide how I want to look.  As this is going to be a daytime “walking” makeup, it doesn’t need to be extreme; but having all those layers gives me the ability to do several things.  So I want a little, semi-subtle color to the eyes, which is the place most of the work will take place, as is (again) often the case in RL.  There’s just a bit of natural shadowing here, but I want something to get that ever-sought-for “pop” out of the look.

Semi-casual - elymode green and gold 2 shadow

2.  Wearing black gives me a lot of options for what makeup colors I use, but I decide to focus on the strengths for redheads in this case:  blues and greens, specifically green in this case.  I choose elymode “color” & gold here, selecting the green shadow, and right-click on the item in Inventory, choosing Add from the menu.  If this is your first tattoo layer, you could get away with Wear here, but I use Add all the time to keep in the habit.  Remember, if you use Wear after the first layer is on, anything under the new item is knocked out, leaving you with your new item as the base layer; and order of layers is important.  So get in the habit of always using Add, unless you DSP know that there’s going to be nothing else put on at that attachment point.

Semi-casual add MONS black eyeliner series number 5

3.  The added color — green on top of a glittering gold base color in one tattoo — is not bad, but I want more definition here to make the eyes emerge more.  So I run through Inventory, and choose a pure liner item:  in this case, Number 5 from the MONS Eyeliner Series product.  (I copied the picture that comes packed with the tattoos, and added numbers to each slice of the picture to keep straight which is which, as it’s not obvious from the names on the Inventory items themselves.)  I again use Add to apply the tattoo, and look how the line of the lower eyelid stands out now, along with an improvement to the upper lid.  This will be all the eyeshadow tattoos I use for a daytime look.  Of course, if you have a product that has liner and lashes built in, you can get away with everything on one single layer, giving you more to play with beyond this.  But daytime doesn’t need more stuff added, unless you’re going to a business meeting or some very swanky party.  So we’ll stop there.

Semi-casual add lashes

4.  I do want to improve the lashes, though; so I pull out an old set of prim lashes in this case.  (The size of the picture doesn’t really let you tell this, unless you note the “furriness” the lower lid has now, and the slight cat’s-eye point in the outer crease of my left eye.)  Since these are prims, they won’t eat up a tattoo layer; instead, they are attached to the nose point.  I still use Add to apply them, but I won’t be piling anything else on that attachment point, unless I wanted to wear a hat today.

It should be noted that eyeliner tattoos are the best friend of prim lashes, for the liner can cover many problems an avatar has in getting the prims lined up on your lids.  I never had it very easy using “primmies” before tattoos and multiple attachments were added to the avatar customization options.  They are no longer as fearsome; these lashes require a tiny bit of twitching to get into line, but much less than they required when they were first introduced.  I still prefer tattoo lashes built into the mascara; but several clothing selections in my Appearance “closet” now have primmies without fear.

Semi-casual full

5.  To finish off the look, I add lipstick as a final tattoo layer (Glamorize Treasured Kisses, Auburn Brown).  The brown shade goes well with both green and red, and can be applied actually at any point in the makeup process.  I do it here to serve as the finish to the look.

It should be noted, some makeup products may have shadow, liner, lashes and lips incorporated into a single tattoo layer.  If so, that gives you enormous flexibility to work with your look.  As noted, you need to get the order you add your colors correct for everything to show; but more layers available means you can do more with your cosmetics vanity within the five layers you’re given.  If you’re seeking a more exotic look, this added flexibility can be an enormous bonus.

Next article:  high-glam looks


1 An option here to conserve a layer is to find an older-style system or prim “tattoo,” which won’t use up a tattoo layer.  These items will count on a separate set of 5 for attachment purposes.


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