Second Life Churches — Kirkkosaari Ortodoksi kirkko

Kirkkosaari Ortodoksi kirkko, Kirkkosaari_001_001

A new year is upon us again — a new year according to the Liturgical Calendar, that is, which starts four weeks before Christmas, with the beginning of Advent.  As usual, at this time of year, I like to visit a few churches around Second Life, and show more of the religious aspect of the Grid.

Today’s is a return to a previous region, but a different church in that same sim.  Kirkkosaari is a place of churches, run by a Finnish group.  I visited the Ristikiven kirkko a few years ago at this time, and here is its sister church on the same island, the Kirkkosaari Ortodoksi kirkko, or Kirkkosaari Orthodox Church.  The onion-bulb domes topped by Byzantine crosses would be a dead giveaway to the orientation of this particular church, which does not appear to have a regular congregation.  However, it is open for prayer and meditation, and the interior is lovely.

Kirkkosaari Ortodoksi kirkko, Kirkkosaari_001_002

The iconostasis, or wall of icons, is also typical of Eastern Orthodox churches, and this one is quite nice, with depictions of many saints and other notable works of religious art.  Behind the gate in the center is the main altar; the room there also appears to be a sacristy of some kind.  There is no seating in the nave, or main body of the church, but you will find non-animated benches to either side in the transept, the “cross arm” of the building.


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