Second Life Churches — First United Church of Christ

First United Church of Christ and Conference Center, First UCC Island 125,199,25_001

Second in this year’s Advent visits is to the First United Church of Christ in Second Life.  First UCC is run by a RL UCC pastor, who is called Jerome Newstart in world.  This church is a formal “experimental ministry,” set up by the UCC’s Southern California Nevada Conference back in September 2013.

The United Church of Christ is an inclusive ministry, dating back formally to 1957, but having roots among many different denominations.  Their belief is that God still speaks to us in our daily lives, and that none are refused the opportunity to come to His table and partake in His grace.  LGBT people are welcome, as are other denominations, and the members of the church practice what they refer to as “extravagant welcome.”  (More information may be found at the sim, or in their websites [national, regional].)  You can also visit First UCC’s own site.

First United Church of Christ and Conference Center, First UCC Island 83,183,48_001

There are several buildings and locations on the sim-wide campus; I’ve left out the conference center and cafe to focus on the main areas.  The church “sanctuary” is here an open third floor on the main building’s top, hung with banners indicative of the UCC’s theology — and, of course, decorated for the season.

Zion Chapel, First UCC Island 83, 138, 24_001

If you’d prefer something more traditional, however, the campus also offers Zion Chapel, a red-brick Gothic-roofed structure similar to any number of small-town churches.  There is also a walking trail around the island, which will take you to a labyrinth and a meditation circle, and some very pretty scenery; whoever designed the region and their buildings did an excellent job, and my compliments to them.

Teleport to the region.


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