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Why am I, an assured American citizen, writing about Australia Day (which is, technically, January 26)?  Because my store, Harper’s Fine Arts and Photographs, is owned by Tegg Bode, who is an Aussie in real life.  The Aussies have a grand country in many ways, and a proud tradition that dates from the Aborigines’ settling of the Southern Continent some 40,000 years ago, and more recently the original European settlers’ arrival as transported convicts in the late 18th Century.  The country has its problems — race relations between the original and the later colonizers, tangled politics, and all the other ills of a modern society.  But the Australian spirit is still there, and the average person on the street, from Perth to Darwin to Melbourne to Brisbane, is proud to call themselves Australian.

As a salute to Australia Day and a gift to customers, anyone who comes to my store at the SLurl link above and clicks on this sign will receive a free copy of the 1930s Sydney Bridge Celebration poster you see in the background.  This will last until 10:00 p.m. SLT on Sunday, so make sure to stop in.  (Also make sure to click on the graphic, not the area around the colors, as this box is mostly alpha.  Anything not part of the graphic will shoot through to the floor or wall — and one of the posters there.  If it asks you to pay something, you’ve missed!)


When I was growing up, what I thought of first when I heard “Australia” was Olivia Newton-John.  Olivia was born in England, but was raised in Melbourne, and considers Australia her country, outside of her residency in the United States.  She wrote for Australia’s bicentennial a song which I have loved ever since I saw her performance of it on an HBO special back in the 1980s.

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