Saint Patrick’s Day 2014

Blarney Stone, Saint Patrick's Day 2014

What’s Saint Patrick’s Day in Second Life without at least one stop in the Dublin regions, especially the Blarney Stone?  I was there for a time today; and, while I couldn’t hear the music (a sound-card condition I plan to remedy with a new computer before this year goes out), I could see that everyone — more beyond this photo — were having a good time.  Whenever there’s something happening in the Dublins, you should get there; the DJs are great, whichever bar or venue you stop in at.

Saint Patrick's Day in Dublin 3 a

For instance, I was just down the street in Dublin 3 before I stopped in at the Stone for the conversation.  There was a street party going on here — just one of the almost day-long functions Dublin’s overlords had organized for the day — and it was just the place for a chailín i glas (a girl in green) to show off her steps — and her new dress.  For this year, I purposely chose a designer who I had never heard of; we get so in the rut of going to the “big names,” the well-known couturières, that the smaller houses and stores don’t get a lot of chance.  We should remedy that more; the small houses should get a chance to become one of the big houses, I think; and sometimes you’ll find better there than at the better-known names.

Any road, this pretty minidress comes from G&D, an Italian store with some very interesting goodies.  Giorgia here comes in several pretty pastels and black, and I recommend it to you.  The Froukje braid from Truth Hawks is one of my favorite braided hairstyles, but it was made before his relaunch with HUD styles, and is no longer available as far as I can see.  For everything else, see below.

Saint Patrick's Day in Dublin 3 b


The details:

  • Skin: PXL Faith (SK NE LEB)
  • Eyes: Sterling Artistry Jeweled Eyes (hummingbird)
  • Hair: Truth Froukje (cranberry; no longer available)
  • Nails: Mandala HUD Nails (medium)
  • Feet: SLink mesh feet
  • Pedicure A:S:S The Deep (green)
  • Dress: G&D Giorgia minidress (green, mesh)
  • Boots: Hucci Akita leather boots (Midnight, mesh)
  • Makeup: Danielle Fresh Classic Makeup (Mint); Glamorize French Kiss Lips (Black Cherry)
  • Jewelry: Paris Weekend earrings and Royal Khadijah Estate necklace and ring, all by Maxi Gossamer

Photographed in the Dublin regions

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