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Around the Campfire

Nothing like sitting around a campfire as the days begin to get cooler, trending down into fall.  And what’s a fall campfire without ghost stories, or tales of derring-do and adventure?

If you’re interested, I’ll let you experience that on my dime, so to speak.  I keep several channels available to me for streaming on my homestead, via a sim radio.  One of them is MPIR Old-Time Radio, a streaming service focused on classic radio, offered by Clyde Kell for contributions (hey, someone’s gotta pay for his bandwidth).  Clyde actually offers several channels, but this one focuses on mystery, adventure, suspense and horror.  You’ll hear everything from The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen (playing right now as I’m sitting here), to The Shadow, to Suspense (with various players doing the Man in Black) to episodes of Inner Sanctum Mysteries and its classic revival show from the Seventies, the CBS Radio Mystery Theater.  He even plays lesser-known pieces like The Clock and the CBC’s Theatre 10:30.  And if you want real creeps, enough to make you start chewing your fingernails like a typewriter, there’s Lights Out, renowned for the intensity of its plays and the realism of its sound effects.  (Ever wondered what it sounds like to walk across a cavern floor covered with nice, fat, juicy spiders, hmmm…?  Makes you want to reach for a bottle of Ironized Yeast — or maybe Sal Hepatica, for the Smile of Health.)

But how can you do it without a link to Clyde’s site, or his app on your phone?  Simple; drop by my homestead.  Through at least Hallowe’en, I’m opening the doors to my land to visitors.  The SLurl will drop you by my campfire and gazebo, and then all you need to do is turn on your sound and sit down, and maybe discuss it with anyone else that’s there.  All I ask is that you clean up behind yourself when you leave, throw your trash into the campfire.  I can’t say when any particular show will be on, and there may be occasional repeats, but over the course of things it works.

If you like it, drop me a line; I’ll be glad to know about it!

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