6th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — And the Winners Are….

Normally, I like to note how difficult the judging on the year’s Oscar Fashion Photo Contest is, how many excellent photos were submitted and how many cuts I had to drive through to get to a final seven — and then how to arrange them out.  This year, it wasn’t that difficult, at least in one sense.  The final tally of entries was less than 40.  This is a little disappointing, but I can put it down to the “fun” I experience in getting the word out every year.  It’s always been a struggle for some reason, and I’ll need to rethink how I go about this in 2016.

But we did get enough entries for an actual contest, between people doing it themselves, advertising, and some pure out-and-out wheedling on my part, so here we go!

First Place, with a prize of $L10,000:

Finn Lawksley - 1st

Finn Lawksley and Colby Hatchuk were inspired by events at the afterparties from last year’s Oscars, and decided to have Colby do a little photobombing of Finn, a la Jared Leto to Anne Hathaway.  Finn wears a limited-edition gown from reverie, while Colby is in an evening suit from Zaara.  (As a team entry, each will receive L$10,000.)

Second Place, with a prize of L$7,500:

jujujhb -- 2nd

jujujhb takes both roles in this photo, as both the winner and the wannabe.  (Despite the graciousness and the protestations of “it’s an honor to be nominated among such great people,” you know everybody wants that statue for themselves, at least for a second!)  Julie is actually both avatars here; a nice bit of post-production.

(No credits given for the clothes)

Third Place, with a prize of L$5,000:

Skye Donaldson - 3rd

Skye Donardson and Billy Dollinger got caught in a quick shower on the way up the red carpet.  Fortunately, Billy had read the weather forecast, and came prepared.  Skye is wearing an Art Deco-inspired gown in black satin and silver bugle beads from Dead Dollz; Billy’s tuxedo is from Kauna.  (L$5,000 for each)

Honorable Mentions (L$1,500 each; no particular order of placement):

CronoCloud Creeggan and Charlemagne Allen -- HM

CronoCloud Creeggan and Charlemagne Allen are coming down the stairs from the balconies, looking stunning.  Charlemagne is in a gown from Metatheodora, and CC is wearing a lovely midnight blue gown from PurpleMoon.  (L$1,500 for each)

lilvirtualvixen (Lil Vix) -- HM

Lil Vix gives us a glimpse at what the photographer sees when they’re focusing on the winner in the interview hall offstage.  Lil is in a gold lamé gown from JUMO, along with a fortune in diamonds included with the dress.

Okami Aquila - HM

The bad thing about ball skirts?  Your escort’s gotta watch the feet, else there’s gonna be a rather revealing accident (grin)Okami Aquila and Lucian Domenici are close to discovering that problem here.  Okami wears a white wedding gown from Siryelle’s Dreams, while Lucian is in a Lovely Rita tux. (L$1,500 for each)

Astralia Miliandrovic -- HM

And finally, Astralia Miliandrovic shows off the award she’s just picked up, backed by her escort Lucas Quingly.  Astralia is in Badoura Design, while Lucas wears Zaara.  (L$1,500 each)


Some other thoughts from this year’s contest:

  • Fewer entries this year, yes — but more duets won this year than last year, when the “guaranteed” prize fund of L$28,500 jumped up to L$39,500.  My accountant gerbil has just given me 2015’s final total — L$48,000 even.  It’s entirely possible that the contest will break L$50,000 next year, so keep that in mind, all you folks who didn’t enter — or who aren’t Residents of Second Life!
  • As a corollary to the above, gentlemen have definitely become an OFPC fixture.  There were even shots where both the woman and the man were the same Resident, which can be done with alts.


Congratulations again to the winners, and many thanks to all the entrants.  Be ready next January, for the Seventh OFPC; the contest will probably open on Nominee Morning, which you can find announced at the Web site for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  And spread the word

Previous winners:

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