Station Night

Warning:  The photos (and, to a degree, the story) should be considered NSFW.  You accept the consequences if you continue on; you have been warned….


It was well past midnight of the station night, but Seong wasn’t feeling tired at all — rather, she tingled with anticipation. However, to fulfill that anticipation, she needed to get to her destination.

Fortunately for her, “night” on Tulla ‘niFalon Anthropology Starbase, orbiting the planet Elenia, meant exactly that. To give the impression of a diurnal rhythm, the station cycled its lights to correspond with the time of day in the city over which the base held its geosynchronous position. There was just enough light to see for normal humans, especially in the dark-purple colored halls of the Residential Section. Seong padded along, her movements quieted by the crepe soles of her boots. And what boots they are! she thought with a grin.  Not to mention the top!!  We won’t mention anything else, of course, because there’s nothing else to mention….

Station Night 1a

She paused for a moment, unable to resist a few stolen moments gazing out at the stars in their millions. Like most people who worked in space, Seong was a star-junkie, and you could see so much more of the heavens when you were sitting above the atmosphere.

Station Night 1

But soon enough, she moved on; every moment she didn’t get to her destination, someone might come walking down a hallway and discover her. The worst parts were at the three lift hubs she needed to pass through, near her own cabin and the two after that; but the Buddha appeared to be smiling on her, or everyone except for the duty officers in Main Mission were asleep.

Station Night 2

Nobody was moving about, and she was able to ride the lift up to the next floor and walk down the next passage to her goal — Finn’s cabin. Finn had given her his door code, which he insisted in doing in Elenian rather than the Terran option; but sleep training in Elenian let her tap in the glyphs with no problem, and the door slid open into darkness. Not that Seong worried much about darkness; as a precaution in case there were an area of Elenia that had actually decayed to non-functionality, she had requested Medical to give her a set of light-amplifying implants for her eyes. The cyber implants flashed once as she set them by mental command for low light levels, then steadied out.

Station Night 3

She shortly rendered the dark somewhat less dark, finding the light controls and dialing up just enough light for Finn to see by with his unaided eyes, along with a color that might be more conducive to the night’s activities and energy level.  Another color, that is, she smiled.  Gotta love the genetic alteration function in Elenian “closets.”  I wonder if Finn will think he’ll be getting the kiss of death from a golden girl…?

Station Night 4

After that, there was nothing left but to wait for Finn to get off his watch….

Station Night 4b

…and smile in anticipation….


A better look at what I’m wearing, in normal daylight:

Station Night 5Station Night 7

The details:

  • Skin: Fallen Gods Materica female (Aureum, w/ appliers [separate purchase])
  • Eyes: LIM CyberEYE v3.0 DEUS EX (small)
  • Hair: Hairoin Diva (Aquarius) – no longer available
  • Outfit: r2 A/D/E rikka (black); r2 A/D/E rikka boots (black) (both available at this month’s Collabor88)
  • Attachments: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High Left V2.1; Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – R – Casual; Broken Ankle Fix – Ankle Lock v2.0
  • Makeup (in application order, including lipstick): Zibska Sigal DK (Meadow green; however, it will appear pink under a magenta light, as in the story photos); -UtopiaH- Black Eyeliner #1; Mystic Canvass Pucker Gloss (Dark Blue); Senzafine Sirene Lipstick Peridot; Miamai Catwalk Lashes Glitter 01

Others items:

  • Thor Perfect Circle lamp, V2 (hung by me from ceiling)
  • Neurolab Inc. Bed SFX-1 (PG)

Photographed at my starbase — which is Tulla ‘niFalon Starbase!

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