Making an Entrance

Making an Entrance 1
If anyone can Make an Entrance, it’s Ariel Sherman, who (at the time of these photos) lives in the 48th Century. Cyborg, onetime unwilling “courtesan” in a pleasure house on the planet Videra,  now the owner and star artiste of her own revue, the largest and finest show in the sector! She’s earned her reputation over decades of acting, singing and dancing, and she has decades more in her future.

My mama always told me
There were two ways to come into a party
Polite and Genteel
Or Make an Entrance

You see
Mama was from Philadelphia Old Money
She was brought up right
Governesses and finishing schools
Lessons in deportment and etiquette
And waltzing at the Debutante Ball
With wealthy and well-connected boys

But then she scandalized Philadelphia Society
Its proper ladies from the Main Line
Its tea parties
And charity balls
And Right Things to Do

Making an Entrance 2
Anyone, of course, can Make an Entrance in a gown from Sascha Frangilli. Almost every one of her gowns has multiple skirts, so you can walk in demure and sleek (and still wow the hoi polloi), or shoot off a firework in the hall. For Ariel, though, this red-carpet walk demanded something even…larger. So I took advantage of Sascha’s offer to make a skirt addition for her standard fee of L$100. I added the extension to the larger stock ball skirts, and now — wow!! (With the script resizer, I can make it even bigger, but you can go only so far before it gets overwhelming. In fact, for a lark, I clicked on Max Size — and almost filled up the sim with blue taffeta. That was a little too big.)

Oh no, not that for Mama —
She became an Actress
And a big one too
Like that Grace girl before her
And the Main Line —
When they think of her at all —
That line wobbles!

She told me
Polite and Genteel has its time
Its place
You wear a proper skirt and a proper hat
You arrive on time, to the beat of the clock
You ring the bell and the maid answers the door
You say hello to the hostess
Get introduced around, sip tea
And munch petits fours

Making an Entrance 4
Sascha works in mesh as much as normal prims these days. This gown combines both, not only in the skirt add-on I ordered, but in the “normal” prims she uses, here in the additional “stock” skirts and the luxurious collar framing Ariel’s face.

Oh no, not that for Mama —
Grandma may have taught her Emily
But at night she read Eloise
Dreamed of marrons glacés from room service
And roller skates in the Palm Court

She hit it big in her first movie
And became the toast of Hollywood
Invited to premieres and events
Setting the fashion, not following it
Some say Anna learned from her
Before laying out her first September issue

Making an Entrance 3
I’m combining a few rings from a previous Lazuri suite with her latest release, most of the set from the Viva La Diva collection. I left out one necklace; the back-duster I’m wearing already is plenty! Ariel smokes — tobacco is safe in the 48th Century — and so she is carrying an old, favorite cigarette holder (no longer available).

Whenever you can, Mama always told me
You Make an Entrance
Come late to the party
Come last, if you can
They won’t mind it —
And if they do
It’ll be so big, they won’t dare admit it

Making an Entrance 6

Never buy your own dress
When designers beg you to take theirs
Wear the biggest you can
The bigger the house, the bigger the Entrance
The bigger the Entrance, the bigger the gown
And the jewels
And the hair —
All in taste, of course
But make it there!

Put that Di chick to shame
Make Lady G green with envy
Come up or down the stairs and stop the show
Wave to your friends, air-kiss your enemies —
And own the spotlight!

Making an Entrance 5
A new eyeshadow for Ariel, along with an old favorite liner. I hope BOOM’s owners read this and re-introduce the Liquid Glaze collection of liners; they did the job wonderfully, and are still my go-to for eyeliner, unless I’m seeking some different look.

Sometimes I think
I’m too much like Grandma
I’ve never taken the dare
To Make an Entrance….

Harper Ganesvoort,
Writing from Atlanta, Georgia, 2015


The details:

  • Skin:  Fallen Gods Materica (Aureum, w/ appliers)
  • Hair:  Vanity Hair Diavolo (dyed “Ariel blue” by me for this character; tintable hairbase from another hair product)
  • Eyes:  LIM CyberEye v. 3.0
  • Attachments:  SLink Casual Hands and High Feet
  • Gown:  Sascha’s Designs Pleasure
  • Shoes:  Baby Monkey Arizona sandals (HUD driven)
  • Accessories:  Lazuri Perles de Gloire Rings; Lazuri Viva La Diva suite (back-duster necklace, earrings, rings and bracelets); JCNY cigarette holder (vintage)
  • Makeup (in application order):  MUA (Make Up Addiction) Shade Eyeshadow (Baby Blue); *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (lashed Silver; vintage); Mystic Canvass Pucker Lip Gloss (Dark Blue)

Photographed at the Rose Theatre.

A note:  I still use the BOOM Liquid Glaze and list it here, despite it’s being out of stock at BOOM for some time, since it has so many colors and can be used “lashed” or “unlashed” as needed.  I continue to list it to ensure anyone looking for eyeshadow won’t think this particular liner is part of the shadow pack they’re purchasing.  I wish it were still available for you, as it’s a fine product!

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