Denim To the People!

“Jeans represent democracy in fashion.” — Giorgio Armani

COCO Uber 1

I think I’d stretch that quote to denim overall.  (“No, not overalls, ya nimrod; go get your ears flushed.”)

Seriously, though, think about it:  if you walked out on the street today, in almost any country in the world, what are the chances that you would not pass by someone wearing some blue denim serge in their clothes?  Denim was always thought of as working clothing, and is still put to that use today, but it caught on with teenagers in the Fifties, entered the hard-core fashion market in the Sixties and Seventies, and has stayed with us ever since, mostly in jeans.  But denim goes beyond pants; in the end, it’s just a type of cotton fabric, and can be sewn into any kind of garment.

That’s where this outfit comes in.  I picked it up in this month’s Uber round, “Street Smart,” and it’s from COCO.  (Larger photos at Flickr.)  It’s blue, it’s materials (judging by the sheen of the jacket), it’s nicely fitted and it’s well lived-in already.  What more could you ask?  I pair it here with a fresh pair of boots from Sascha’s Designs in black python hide, harvested from the virtual Everglades.  (No problem in wearing snakeskin here; those monsters are an invasive species.  Believe it or not, the gators in the Everglades need some help battling those snakes.)

COCO Uber 2

For a soft, casual look, I choose simplicity and a casual makeup palette:  a collar and matching bracelets, also available at Uber, and very simple eyeshadow from BOOM.  Perhaps the splashiest thing about my entire look here are my nails, which were from La Boheme and don’t show up in these photos.


The details:

  • Skin: Glam Affair Cleo (America – Clean B)
  • Eyes: Sterling Artistry Jeweled Eyes (tourmaline)
  • Hair: Blueberry Ida (Large)
  • Attachments: SLink Hands and Feet
  • Outfit: COCO Cropped Denim Jacket and Shirt; COCO Denim Pencil Skirt (available at August Uber)
  • Boots: Sascha’s Designs Jungle Black Snake Boots (SLink High feet)
  • Jewelry: Finesmith Paris ring (vintage); LUXE Twigs bangles and necklace (Rosegold) (available at August Uber); MONS Basic Button earrings (navy)
  • Makeup: *BOOM* Flatter My Eyes shadow (Blue); Oceane Jade Lips (Begonia)

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