Arabian Comfort at Home

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“Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.” — Jane Austen, Emma

Oh, the life of a busy SL fashionista — running off to the stores, choosing outfits, trying them on, then photographing them and writing them up.  Once in a while, you just have to take a break!  So I spent the night at home last night, kicking back and listening to the radio. But you gotta dress right even for a night at home.  You want to be comfortable, after all.

To my thoughts, nothing says comfort like a caftan — indeed, it hasn’t since they caught the European countries’ fashion attention in the 1970s.  And I’m glad to tell you that true caftans are beginning to appear in Second Life, thanks to mesh clothing.  There have been attempts before; but the early ones were rather mannish, without the flowing sleeves of a woman’s caftan.  A recent one from a few years ago wasn’t bad, but it still hadn’t tried for the lovely, loose, draping effect of those “armwings,” as I call them.

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At last, though, Kelini has got it right.  This gown, Arabian Summer, has the luscious, sensual flow of satin around my arms and body that I’ve been looking for.  It comes in several colors, all with the silver embroidery on the front, and is a must buy for anyone looking for lounging wear.  I paired it with sandals from Hucci that I picked up some time back during a round of 21 Shoe.  (You can pick them up in a non-21 Shoe setting at the Hucci store or on the Marketplace.)

I would note one thing here that does not show up in the photos. This garment is two sizes larger than I normally wear, and there are still a couple of points at the wrists, one each side, where my arms do not like the fabric. This is a case of either the alpha texture not covering sufficiently, or the SLink arms and hands going too far for the alpha to cope with. Your mileage may vary on this matter, but if you’re sensitive, I would get the demo to try on first. This is a matter that, as long as we’re working with attachment parts to our in-world bodies, we’ll have to face at one point or another. For me, it was an insufficient annoyance to keep me from buying several caftans!

Relaxing at Home 2

The jewelry was made by Lazuri, and the hair is from Tukinowaguma.  It’s good to see Kateforseter Akina making hair again after the long layoff; her new styles are catching my attention.  (Though, if you’re interested in picking up any of the old styles, most of them are available at outlet prices at a second store Kate runs.)


The details:

WindLight:  Phototools – Cafe Light 01

Photographed at my home

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