Fighting Through Koinup Difficulties


I used to prefer Koinup, the European site devoted to photos from virtual worlds, as recently as a year or so ago.  Frankly, I always seemed to get more attention from people on Koinup than I did on Flickr, and I was acquainted with Pier, its Italian founder.  At one point, though, the owners chose to sell Koinup to another group — possibly, based on information from the site, because running it was clashing with more paying jobs — and the new owners have chosen an apparent policy of malign neglect.  Site difficulties take several days to fix with no information on what’s going on, which is insanely frustrating.

Just as importantly, the group section has become filled with spammers listing groups that have no function other than taking up space, the owners won’t delete any of them despite repeated complaints from several accounts, and it’s been impossible for months to use the group search function to sift through all these bogus groups — it returns a “site error” every time.  I’ve developed a “workaround” of sorts, though — a far from satisfactory one, but it will at least hop you past a lot of chaff for now.

Click on this link.  At the moment, this should jump you past most of the junk in the general group listing, page by page.  For the moment, it drops you around page 75 of the listings, but I won’t be surprised if that changes over time (at least if spammers are still adding “groups”).  If so, start upping the page number by 5 or 10 each time until you hit a point where you’re getting legitimate groups again.  You’ll need to go through by hand from there on to find anything interesting, but it’s better to take off from a mostly good point than to have to go through dozens of pages of the southbound output of a northbound ovine.

Please, if you’re a member of Koinup, please feel free to reblog this article, and spread the word.  If I knew how to contact Koinup’s current owners, I’d encourage you to drop a link in a letter on them, and maybe we can get some actual work done on the site, and bring back another venue for sharing our SL photos — as well as photos from all the other virtual worlds.

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