Challenge: What Did You Look Like When You Were Born?

new default avatars

Source: New Classic Avatars released by Linden Lab, by Daniel Voyager

You have to say, as does Daniel, that these new default avatars look a whole lot classier than what I entered Second Life with in October 2007.  It almost makes me want to start up a new “walking” alt and see what folks have to say.  To demonstrate:

Rezzday Me Me, at Cafe Casablanca wpid-2015-10-15_06-14-34.jpg

These are some of the oldest photos I have of me from that time — the first one was actually shot in 2010, but in my first avatar; and I think this was a default avatar, aside from the hair.  (There may have been a freebie skin, too, but I can’t remember after so many years, changes and photos.)  The second one, though, was my original profile photo for this blog for several years, until I rephotographed myself with an old Sinsation hairstyle I still have.  The last one, of course, is me today as Sharra, my usual “default” state (unless I’m posing as Ariel, which is still the same shape, but a way different skin).  It still looks to me that I’ve managed to somehow achieve a pretty fair consistency in my facial appearance, across all these years, between the Sharra of 2007-8 and the Sharra of now.  This is one reason I’m still resisting getting mesh attachment heads; I’ve given in on hands and feet, and I may one day on my body, but I like my head and face as it is.

Here’s the challenge, people:  dare to reveal to the world what you looked like when you first popped up on the Grid.  I know, “avatar evolution” has been done before, but it’s always time for a fresh look and a reflection on the past.  Please link back to this article, or drop your link in a comment, so we can all share the memories!  And do you think you’ve managed to stay consistent in your appearance across all that time, if you’ve been around for more than five years?  If so, how and where do you think you’ve managed to “keep from sagging,” or whatever?

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