7th Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — Advance Warning

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This is a heads-up for long-time readers, participants, bloggers and designers: the nominees for the coming Academy Awards will be announced on January 14.

That means that it’s time to start planning your entries and booking studio time (or finding locations) for the 7th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest. The Flickr contest group will open on January 8, sometime in the real-life AM. You’ll have until 12:01 SLT following the end of the Oscar ceremonies (on February 28) to get in your entry. For reasons unknown to me (can’t say why they didn’t consult me on the matter, but there it is), the Academy has decided to keep a tighter voting period this year, which is why I’m again offering an advance warning before the contest actually opens up.

The prize fund is now under consideration. I can promise that it won’t be any less than last year’s guaranteed pool of $28,500, but it may go up this year, depending on how I slice the rent. (Grin) Here’s a link to last year’s rules, but don’t count these as completely gospel for now, as there are often tweaks made. This year’s rules will be published officially on January 8. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: read them in full and carefully.

For designers:  I’ll be putting together, as soon as possible, a sign box that you can display at the information point in your stores.  This should dispense a notecard with the press announcement and a link to the rules article.  If you would like a vendor at your store, please contact me by IM or notecard.

For other bloggers:  a press release will be available on January 8, containing the link to the rules article for 2016.  This will be for immediate release.  All publicity is appreciated!

For participants:  have fun with the contest, and let’s see what you can make of it!


Here are the past winners’ announcements. Remember, the Flickr group will open on January 8!

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