The Newspapers Were Full of It

The Newspaper Was Full of It

…but, then again, they usually are, so what can you say?

Cafe Rosewater 1

However, the coffee (served up at the Cafe Rosewater) more than made up for the (ahem) delightful and insightful reporting I was reading on the current political situation.

One thing the paper was truthfully full of was a fashion review of this excellent leather minidress and duster vest I picked up the other week.  I can’t remember which event I found it at for the life of me now, but you may have seen it already, and it’s in regular stock at Asteria Creations’ Marketplace store.  It comes in several variations; I chose the black mini with the black and zebra-print duster.  The shoes are regular standbys for minidresses, especially from my day — Bax Coen boots.

Cafe Rosewater 2

Black and white is the theme here, so I went with a mostly black makeup palette, even to the nails, and chose silver as the metallic counterpoint, including some vintage jewelry from EarthStones.


The details:

Photographed at Cafe Rosewater

Full-size photo collection at Flickr

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