Bound for Nowhere With Firestorm

On a warm summer’s evening
On a train bound for nowhere….

— “The Gambler” (written by Don Schlitz)

Bound for Nowhere_001

I’ve loved trains since first or second grade, way back when in the Sixties, when my class went on a field trip to Kalamazoo on the Michigan Central from Battle Creek.  It’s hard to find a passenger train in Second Life, but this old rotten freight has been popping up in recent photos, and I decided to give the region a visit.

Bound for Nowhere_002

When you go bumming around, you wear jeans.  This is a Law of the Land — not written down in the book of statutes, but simply accepted.  Mesh clothing makes wearing separates difficult — one of mesh’s few problems — but I’ve always been willing to hang on to system clothes if they worked, and this old pair of system jeans on the underpants layer works quite nicely beneath my “top.”

This, though, isn’t your normal top.  It’s both a shirt and a leather bomber jacket, and there is a Purpose behind it.  This was created by designers on the Firestorm Team as a fundraiser.  Due to various factors outside of their control, including the drop in the Canadian dollar against the US dollar, the team’s head honchos found themselves up against the wall at bill time, and finally chose to mount a fundraiser.  The word went out just a few days ago — and the response from the community has been flabbergasting, according to Jessica Lyon.  They offered these jackets, in various logo colors at various donation levels, on the Marketplace, and planned on a target number of L$1.6 million.  As of this writing, the total received by the Team is well over L$2 million.  As Jessica put it in her article, the Team doesn’t often hear much praise, far more complaints; but they keep on plodding along.  This outpouring of support gives them all the gratification they need to keep on working on the program.  Jessica pledges every penny will go into the project.

Bound for Nowhere_004

This jacket is one of the higher choices, their Bronze-level, available for L$5,000 (see the link below).  (Just to let you know, it says “Firestorm” under my hair.)  Technically, the Team has met their goal and beyond, but Jessica has elected to leave them up for now, realizing that others may want to go ahead and contribute (and get a neat jacket, of course).  Go see their Marketplace page while the jackets are still available; bottom contribution level is L$250.


The details:

Photographed in Kaleidoscope region

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