Liquid Light

Light Thoughts 1

One way Harper got me into this crazy world was the promise that I could be as alien as I wanted to be, almost anywhere I went.  I won’t say I’ve hit the limit yet.  As I get cash to add more stuff into my inventory, I’m trying out more and more things, and having lots of fun!  And I can see how much Harper loves dressing up in her gold skin, which I haven’t gotten yet myself.  (I may soon!)

One place to pick up things for a spacey look was the Metaverse event, which closed a few days ago.  The nice thing is that we did some research between us, and you can get most of the goodies from that event at the vendors’ main stores.  Remember, you don’t need to do all your shopping at events!  These designers have beautiful stores that they would like to keep open as well, and they deserve some “Linden love” (right?) there as well.

Anyway, I found this dress from Plastik at Metaverse, and had to get several different colors.  Here’s a hint, by the way — you may still want to go to the main stores if you really love something, because I found more colors for this dress at Plastik’s store in their own vendor, instead of at the event.  They didn’t have everything at Metaverse.  As it worked out, I still needed to “dye” this dress, which Harper showed me how to do; it was no problem at all.

Liquid Light 2

Just look how this thing fits me like a liquid skin!  And it shimmers in the light of the sim I’m in as well — which adds even more spaciness to the photos for sure!  Make sure you visit this LEA sim before the artist tears it down.  (The landmark is at the bottom of the post.)

Liquid Light 3

I don’t have much in jewelry yet, so I dug these pieces from Lazuri out, and colored them to give some counterpoints to the green of the dress.  Both of us love Lazuri; pricey, but well worth it in quality!

Liquid Light 4

Harper’s banging on me to include the landmarks from now on; I hope I remember to keep it up!  Anyway, here’s where you should be able to go and get some of this.


I’m wearing:

  • Skin: Fallen Gods Hybrid (Grey [natural])
  • Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum Artificial Era eyes (Error [yes, that’s the color’s name]) (I bought these at the Metaverse event, which is closed now, and they haven’t made it to the main store yet.)
  • Hair: EMO-tions Jezebel (This hair comes in two parts; you’ll need to wear both.)
  • Attachments: SLink Avatar Enhancement Feet (Flat) and Hands (Casual)
  • Dress: Plastik Mahva (Mistress, then self-dyed [with a few lessons from Harper])
  • Shoes: [sYs] Capucine sandals (black)
  • Jewelry: Lazuri Cocoa Island suite (necklace, bracelets, earrings, rings)
  • Makeup: MUA Cheeks Contouring Color Pack 2 (White); Tintable blushing (bright green); Soul Cypher lipstick and eyeshadow (Blue)

Poses include PosESioN, Glitterati and Diesel Works

Landmark to Light Thoughts 2, by Mario2 Helstein (LEA20) — As you see in the pictures I took, this is an absolutely insane and beautiful region, and you should get here to explore it before it disappears!

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