The Wearin’ o’ the Green — 4 Days Late

Far too many things going on this past week for both Jem and me; unfortunately, Real Life interferes with the more important stuff — such as Second Life photoshoots.  But we got it together, I finally got the photos edited and resized, and here’s what Jemmy and I chose for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day.

Jem - Rebel Hope in Ireland_014

We flipped a coin, so to speak, and Jem chose to do casual, and she elected to check out Dublin region.1  Looking at these photos, and what she mentioned to me in her descriptions, there’s been a lot of changes in Dublin I wasn’t aware of.  I knew they’d shucked off the separate residential sim; but apparently it’s down to only one sim, period, now, and a lot of the architectural landmarks from RL Dublin are gone, replaced by some small apartments for rent and a beach area for beach parties.  In the rough center, back a little way from the Blarney Stone, you’ll find this outdoor café, and that’s where Jem stopped for a cup of coffee and to do her posing.

Jem - Rebel Hope in Ireland_007

We both chose vintage Rebel Hope for our sessions; Jemmy enjoyed Rebel’s clean look and flow very much, and she picked this sundress to wear for a bright, almost spring day.  It can get chilly in Dublin, of course, but this is a warm day comparatively, and she decided a little suntan was called for.

Jem - Rebel Hope in Ireland_008

Sundresses are strapless or held up with spaghetti strings, of course; this one is strapless, with a nice drape effect achieved by the cord belt at Jem’s waist.  The pattern of the fabric has a sort of “royal houses of Europe” feel to it, very lovely.

Jem - Rebel Hope in Ireland_009

Jem went for a very pale eyeshadow palette and pink lipstick here, as befits a sunny casual day.  The notable thing here is the eyeliner from MUA, which comes in their All the Ways pack number 1.  We both love it; if you wonder why, look at these photos of Elizabeth Debicki from 2015’s The Man From U.N.C.L.E.:

Debicki 1 Debicki 2

The cut-crease liner effect is very Sixties, and very effective, and goes along with cat-eye mascara as well.  Just pile on the layers correctly, and watch your eyes pop — and watch the guys’ jaws drop around you on the dance floor at the Blarney Stone!


Jem is wearing:

Photographed in Dublin region


Harper - Rebel Hope in Ireland_009

My turn now, and for once I stepped away from Dublin sim.  I’m in my Jo character, and I’m posing on the land back behind the main store for no.match, which really resembles a patch of traditional Irish farmland on the coast, with a cliff over the ocean in the background and some extremely craggy land about me.  Fortunately, the goats here didn’t get an appetite for my dress!

Definitely fortunate in this case, as this RH evening gown is luscious.  One-shouldered green satin with a delightful “basketweave” bodice and a bow on the shoulder, it’s meant to shine in, and to entrance the people around you.

Harper - Rebel Hope in Ireland_010

The jewelry is Shani from Kungler’s.  I fell in love with the earrings at a recent event, and picked up the necklace to go along with them.  This suite makes enough of a statement that I don’t need anything else on the jewelry front!

Harper - Rebel Hope in Ireland_013

Oh, excuse me; you were talking to me…?  Sorry about that, I was focused elsewhere.


Harper is wearing:

  • Skin: Glam Affair Cleo (America Clean B)
  • Eyes: Whatever Third Eyes (#18)
  • Hair: NO.MATCH NO.JOY.
  • Attachments: SLink Casual hands and High feet
  • Nails: (Fingers) La Boheme EDI Gold; (Toes) La Boheme Tracers
  • Gown: Rebel Hope Marilyn
  • Shoes: Rebel Hope Maria Heels
  • Jewelry: Kunglers Shani necklace and earrings (Opal)
  • Makeup: SlackGirl Soul eyeshadow (07); MUA All the Ways Eyeliner Pack 2 – 4; Eyelashes (1); Glamorize Lumina Lipstick (Burnt Umber)

Poses include items from Miamai

Photographed in VALHAL region


1  Well, this was supposed to be a St. Patrick’s Day article!  But Jem’s just gotten to the sim; she’s only an occasional explorer, leaning toward the arts-oriented regions — beyond fashion, of course.  (Grin)

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