Clawtooth Hair Challenge — Old Hair, Old Sim, New Dress

Clawtooth - full

Last week, Cajsa Lilliehook put up an article on It’s Only Fashion to speak about one of the Grid’s nicer hair designers, Bubbles Clawtooth, the owner of Clawtooth by Clawtooth.  Cajsa’s article will tell more about it; in sum, though, Bubbles is dealing with RL family difficulties that require his full attention.  He hasn’t had much chance to create new hairstyles, and he could use some financial support to keep virtual body and soul together, if not the RL half of the equation as well.  Cajsa’s thrown down a challenge, which you can read better at her article; essentially, though, it consists of exhibit some old with the new, using three Clawtooth hairstyles.  I chose to feature the wigs with one new dress — Uma from PurpleMoon, in “Tropical” print.  There are several different patterns to choose from, on a dress with thin crossed straps both in front and behind, and a laces slit along the left leg of the midi skirt.  Poulet hits it out of the park again with this one, and Bubbles’ hairstyles go nicely with it….

Clawtooth - Pump Up the Volume (Berkman region)

…such as this very modern style, Pump Up the Volume.  Slightly windblown, yet still sophisticated in a long hairstyle, this is my first choice for this dress — a hairstyle for going out to functions such as daytime parties or cocktail functions.

Clawtooth - Lavish (Berkman region)

If you prefer a more laid-back approach, try Lavish, which smacks to me of the Seventies to a degree, but is still well suited to this dress if you wish to turn it into a less formal situation, like the dress’ bare midriff suggests.

Clawtooth - Bee-Bop Betty (Berkman region)

Want to try a sort of retro Fifties look?  Go back twenty years and channel your own Betty Draper (from the early years) in this wig, named (fittingly) Bee-Bop-Betty.  The color-changing ribbon swags back your hair, and the feel is very like Betty wearing a sundress for a barbecue on the patio, serving Don’s colleagues from Sterling Cooper.

Other styles are available, of course; I also purchased a semi-long style with a felt hat, which I felt in the end didn’t go with this dress.  Check out Bubbles’ selection yourself.

Oh, and the old sim in the title?  It’s Berkman, which used to be home to an in-world presence for Harvard University.  Almost nothing is left but a bridge, a sandbox, and this structure, distantly reminiscent of the Greek Revival Temple of Love from Versailles, or its American descendant from over a century later, the Brooks Memorial Fountain in Marshall, Michigan.


The other details:

  • Skin: Pink Fuel Kumi (Vanilla – Pure (bwnbrow))
  • Eyes: [whatever] Third Eyes (#10)
  • Attachments: SLink Avatar Enhancement hands and feet
  • Nails:  La Boheme EDI (vintage?)
  • Dress: PurpleMoon Uma (Tropical)
  • Shoes: KC Shoes Minnesota Heels (SLink High)
  • Jewelry: PurpleMoon ModernSet 002 suite
  • Makeup (application order): cheLLe BrightEyes eyeshadow (1); MUA All the Ways Eyeliner Pack (1 – 1); Bamboo Jane lipstick (9); Oceane Body Designs Eyeconic mesh lashes

Teleport to Berkman region

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