Revisiting Light Thoughts 2

Jem visited an LEA exhibit called Light Thoughts 2 back in March.  I took a pass through there this past week, and found that it had been added to considerably since then, so I shot some fresh photos:

Light Thoughts 2, LEA20 - 4

Light Thoughts 2, LEA20 - 3

Light Thoughts 2, LEA20 - 2

Light Thoughts 2, LEA20 - 1

Light Thoughts 2, LEA20 - 5

There’s also a poster up, talking about a particle light show to be put on by the creator of the exhibit, Mario2 Helstein, on June 4 at 2:00 p.m. SLT.  Having seen the theater where he’ll do the show, and been allowed to play with the controls, it looks promising!  I’ll be there if I get a chance to attend.

Teleport to the exhibit

Teleport to the theater (You’ll want to brighten your WindLight setting temporarily, until you find a seat, unless some provision is made before the show starts)

Full-size PNG photos at Flickr

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