Ferosh Fashion Week — Going To a Go-Go

Going To a Go-Go 1

Well, there’s a brand new place I’ve found
Where people go from miles around
They come from everywhere
And if you drop in there
You might see anyone in town

“Going To a Go-Go,” by Smokey Robinson, Pete Moore, Bobby Rogers, and Marvin Tarplin


Harper and I are hopeless during the summer.  She’s in short-story mode a lot lately and wants to storyboard everything to work out her settings.  We’re both busy with out-of-school families in RL.  But we took a break to get some of the more important work done — like keeping our sanity together with a little fashion fun in world.  We took a quick run — Harper was in one of her Melanda costumes at the time, though she isn’t here — to Ferosh Fashion Week, and I found this lovely, feathery, flirty party dress that I had to get!

Going To a Go-Go 2

You can see the color much better from this side.  Bender, the gown’s creator, calls it “pink.”  I’m picky; I’d say a beautiful deep magenta, but your mileage may vary.  There are also a few more colors available.  For right now, you can pick it up only at the Bender “store” at FFW.  The same goes for the matching thigh boots, which are sold separately, but are right under the dresses.  They’re from a store I think I’ve fallen in love with, FasterPussyCat, which claims to be the home of rock ‘n roll fashion in Second Life.  I think they prove it, too!  I visited them after we got done in the offices, and my wallet is a lot lighter now.

Going To a Go-Go 3

I’ve seen pictures of the time and the girls going out to clubs.  Gloves were starting to fade out (along with go-go music) as the hippie beat took over and we got closer to the Summer of Love.  But they hadn’t disappeared yet, and I’ll wear gloves at any reasonable time, so we finally managed to dig up a pair of short gloves that I liked.  Harper says we went way back in SL time for these, as they don’t work with SLink hands.  My hands did seem larger than normal; I’ll have to see if I have the courage to start fiddling with the shape sliders, so I can shrink them down some.

Going To a Go-Go 4

Check my Flickr stream for the full-size photos.


I’m wearing:

  • Body: SLink Physique Mesh Body V2.9
  • Skin: Amacci Skin Tyne (Cream – 01 Natural)
  • Eyes: Avi-Glam Ada eyes – Green – S
  • Hair: Letituier Audrey (Gold Blond)
  • Nails: La Boheme Coquette
  • Dress: B E N D E R GoGo Dress (pink) (currently available only at Ferosh Fashion Week in SaliMar region)
  • Boots: FasterPussyCat Miss-Treated Thigh Boot (Pink) (Slink Physique) (currently available only at Ferosh Fashion Week)
  • Accessories: LightStar Gray Leather Gloves (Short version); Maxi Gossamer Kalistar suite (collar and earrings); Lazuri Heritage Pearl Bracelet 2 (worn as an armlet)
  • Makeup (eyeshadow in application order): Glamorize Cloud 9 Eye Makeup – 07; MUA All the Ways Eyeliner (Pack 2 – 1); Glamorize Glam Mascara (03); Arte Glamorous Eyebrows (ash blonde); Glamorize Cold Kiss Lips (Berry 04)

Photographed at the blog offices, Harper Ganesvoort’s home

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