Building a Story Set

Melanda 1

When I do storyboarding for my short fiction, as I’m doing a lot of lately for the story based on “Like a Thief In the Night,” I like to get as detailed a set as possible, so that I’ll have the place my characters inhabit as clear in my mind as I can.  When we first meet Melanda, Duconna Ceal of Eldav, we’ll see her in the office of a doctor specializing in biosculpt and cosmetic enhancement technology.  Not surprisingly, though, there aren’t many places even in Second Life that boast a biosculptor’s office and exam rooms.  So I was forced to build one for myself and my partners.

Doing this wasn’t too difficult; I came prepared to a degree.  I’ve written before about Exosphere’s X-Wall building units, and demonstrated them by building a commons area for a space-station dormitory.  Some L$6,000 would give you all three building packs, but the Basic Pack 1 is enough for this job.  I restrict it to a short list of components, which I use over and over again as needed:  a short straight wall, large corner piece, short wall with window, two-panel folding door, sliding door, and a four-way connector.  X-Walls are modifiable, so I retexture the flatter wall sides from various packages to achieve the look I desire.

Office Set 2

A short hallway off the main medical-center hall leads you into the suite.  You can see the sliding doors here; for future purposes, I might retexture the doors themselves to keep the window look, but to remove the arrows and replace them with some other indicator that there’s a transparent barrier there.  Artwork hanging on the walls throughout adds the needed touches of decor.

Office Set 3

Office Set 4

The reception area has a desk for the clerk, as well as comfortable seating for the clients — very wealthy clients, as biosculpt is expensive in this universe.  And biosculpt isn’t restricted to plastic surgery alone….  A table on the other end of the room holds promotional flyers for various offered procedures, including the one Melanda is getting her final checkup for.

Office Set 5

Coming in from the reception room, this hallway “leads” to the various exam rooms.  You can see the corner pillar here, which I’ve textured to give a variation away from the hardwoods and stone panels of the wall paneling.

Office Set 6

Office Set 7

Each door to an exam room is labeled, and has a one-way door and window; you cannot look in, but you can look out.  (I built only one room, of course; that was all I needed for purposes.)


Melanda 2 Melanda 3

Just in case you’re curious what Melanda is wearing beyond the Kelini caftan, which should be quite recognizable, I’ve included the details below.  You can see from this what Jemmy was speaking of a while back, when she suggested that a few exotic additions can make a contemporary-looking piece of clothing become exotic and futuristic quite easily.


The details:

  • Body: Maitreya Lara
  • Attachments: Slink AvEnhance Hands and Feet
  • Skin: Fallen Gods Pure Fire (Omega applier)
  • Eyes: Avatar Bizarre Crystalline Eyes (fullbright mesh contacts, white system sclera)
  • Gown: Kelini Arabian Summer (black)
  • Shoes: ANE Opulence Heels (black; vintage)
  • Accessories: Kunglers Cerys suite (earrings and necklace [Silver]); Faun Tsu Metallic Envelope Clutch (Silver); Infinity Creations Nefertiti crown (modified)
  • Makeup (eye makeup in application order): Sascha’s Designs Smokey Eyes No. 3; SlackGirl Hathor (04); White~Widow Lys (Silver); MUA All the Ways Eyeliner (Pack 1 – 1); *BOOM* Liquid Glaze Eyeliner (lashed silver; vintage); Mystic Canvass Pouty Gloss lipstick (Amethyst); FATElashes v2.0

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