Storyboards — Breakup, and Confrontation

None of us have put anything up for days, so I figured I’d add some of my storyboarding sessions from “Thief In the Night,” the story I’m working on in dribs and drabs.  It’s not moving incredibly well in the writing department, partly because of time constraints, partly because of Second Life, and partly because I’ve never written scenes where two women are arguing over a man before.  You’ll see below, in the photos for the “confrontation” section.  As I think I’ve said before, I like to use SL as a platform to work out scenes and dress my characters visually.  It makes it easier to imagine and portray what they look like in any scene when I have an actual visual reference.  So far, the dress designers of Second Life haven’t let me down, or I’ve worked something up into a more futuristic appearance (or at least more glitzy).

Warning:  From here on, it’s graphics intensive, about 15 photos.  I’ve saved them in JPG and shrunk them down, but it will probably still take a bit to load them all, and I’m not really thrilled whenever I use the gallery feature in WordPress (just because I want it all out in the open).  So if you have a slow connection, here be dragons from this point on.

First, a quickie throwaway, just to show the developing love affair between Melanda and Nolan.  (I’m a romantic at heart.  I call my fiction “science fantasy” instead of pure SF, and it could really be classified as “science fantasy romance.”)

Love Beyond the Stars

With a few changes, Melanda is wearing a vintage system-gown classic from 2011:  RBZ Design’s Harlow, along with Finesmith’s Swan headdress (also vintage in silver, but still available in gold from the Marketplace).  Nolan is again in the Edward white evening suit from Utopia.

Next, I’m planning a confrontation scene between Melanda and Isabella, who Melanda deposed in Nolan’s affections.  Bella is the owner of an extremely large, family-owned interplanetary shipping line that has been in business for five generations.  The combination of business acumen and inherited fortune has made Bella extremely wealthy, and extremely determined to get her own way.  However, striving with an equally determined grand duchess (Duconna Mada in her language) from another planet may show Bella that she has met her match….

Confrontation 1 Confrontation 2 Confrontation 3 Confrontation 4 Confrontation 5 Confrontation 6 Confrontation 7

…but is Melanda as determined as she seemed inside Bella’s living room?

(“Melanda” is wearing Laila from GizzA, with Modern Couture jewelry and Rie hair from PurpleMoon; “Bella” is in the new Blair dress from Baiastice, with Voluminous Topknot hair by rezology.)

Bella’s house, by the way, is another set I’ve built using the Exosphere X-walls system, similar to the doctor’s office I constructed for an earlier piece.  After that, it was a matter of finding furniture that looked appropriate in a future time in an elegant household.  I really overconstructed here for purposes; but, in the same vein of using these photos to construct potential scenes and looks, this gives me the visual elements that will allow me to portray the room in my story.  The furniture comes from various sources, not necessarily recent, but is available now.  (Details on request.)

Finally for the moment, I’m considering a breakup scene after various other events, which I haven’t photographed yet.  Will the breakup hold, or will they get back together?  Only time will tell on this one.

Breakup 1 Breakup 2 Breakup 3 Breakup 4 Breakup 5

“Nolan” wears another ensemble from Utopia, while I’m in Heth Haute Couture and Letituier hair.  I need someone to design a good-looking floatcar for futuristic driving situations, but I made do with a prop car of a more current vintage.

I’ll say that almost none of these photos would qualify for my best work, but I try to take good shots whenever I can.  Time will tell (grin).

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