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Harper suggested we go check out a club called Cyberia Openstage.  The Destination Guide (a handy thing at times for newbies or relative newbies for finding fresh places; even you oldbies should try it sometimes) lists it as “a sci-fi themed place with an open stage for all aspiring and established deejays.”  And we loved it when we got there; someone was playing electronica at the time, and a batch of people were grooving the beat.  We recommend it for music and dancing, if you ever want to go clubbing someplace that doesn’t require a ball gown.

The club’s lighting situation, however, wasn’t great for shooting photos.  So we went to another space station — Around the Grid‘s space station, sitting high above Harper’s island.  She says that, if someone would like to visit and take photos there themselves, contact her and she’ll let you borrow the keys.  And it’s a comfortable place to just hang out ourselves as well, although Harper’s had to be careful about the prim allowance when it comes to furniture.  Here, we’re sitting in the upper level of the station commons, in a dome which the boss killed the scripts on so it doesn’t open, and stripped out the goodies from.  A few pieces of “modernist” furniture, some green plants, and we have a nice conversation nook.  And it gives a place to pose in as well.


We’ll still wear these outfits if we ever go back to Cyberia, singly or together.  They’re too much fun to leave in the inventory, unseen.  Edgy futuristic, high hell heels for both of us (especially Harper’s!), along with a little classic to balance it out.  And we got to play with hand-dying our hair, as well as lots of makeup here!  I’m turning into a bit of a clone of my mentor when it comes to style taste, but it’s fun if you do it right, and I think we both got a damn good effect here after experimenting with what we had (and buying more; yes!).  The dress I’m wearing is older than Harper’s so I’ll let her shine first.  (Also, since she’s the publisher, she’s standing behind me as I write this in the office, with a watermelon gun at my head.  Someone call the Governor!!!)


Anyway, she’s wearing an outfit from Asteria that she picked up during the current round of Cosmopolitan; just turn left when you go in the door, and there it is.  (I’ll put the SLurl to Asteria’s main store at the end in the usual place.)  If you go to Cosmo, go soon, because I think the round expires today.  The color looks black in most of these photos (along with my dress), but it’s actually a very dark navy.  Other colors are available as well.


And get these shoes from Renegade.  I actually mean it; get these shoes!!!  You’ll love them, other than trying to set the hover height.  The color is fixed, but the package makes up for that with other areas you can change color on, as well as the texture of the leather.  My real-life feet are weeping at just the thought of wearing something as tall as this, but in Second Life you can get away with it.  Heels that strain the edge of belief are becoming the thing, we think; we’re seeing more places offering shoes at a height like this, or close to it.  The boss must be developing a taste for them, ’cause she wrote a piece with a pair about as high back in February, from KC Couture.


We like playing aliens, and we were at a futuristic club; so why not look the part?  Beyond the makeup palette (see the fashion list) and the gold face dots, Harper’s wearing a suite from Maxi Gossamer.  There was a necklace (available separately) that goes with the outfit, but she decided she had enough zippers on the top and skirt, lol.  And then she pulled this old hairstyle from PurpleMoon out of inventory, copied it, and showed me how to hand-dye it!  That trick makes me think the HUD-controlled hairstyles that you can’t edit might not be as hot as some think.  This gives you a palette as large as the rainbow for your hair.


My turn now, and I shot for something about as colorful in the accessories, but similar in the dress.  I found this relatively recent dress from Bender, a place that I think will be going on my list of Stores to Watch for interesting and sexy couture.  Again, we hit on a very deep navy color here, so it really isn’t as black as you may be seeing.  A pair of leggings goes with the dress, and are kinda mandatory, if you get my drift; but I didn’t like the “inlaid” cross on them.  The good thing was that I needed my own pair of ultra heels if I was going to approach the towering heights Harper had achieved.  So I covered them up….


…with these boots.  You’ve seen me in a magenta pair already, back during the last Ferosh Fashion Week.  I still love the long, liquid line these boots give to my legs.  The gold color could be brighter, but it still works here very well.


And, as for my hair and makeup, I again followed Harper’s lead.  I goofed slightly on the liners, I think; you can see that it looks like I have a pair of extra eyes just above my own purple ones, but it’s not too bad.  The hair is from Zibska, and I think I got Harper’s lesson in hand-dying down pretty well, don’t you think?

Okay, we’ve done our posing.  Now back to that club; the music was just too good at that session!!!


Harper (as Keiko) is wearing:

Note: Harper tell me that the links for Soedara will go to their Marketplace store, as she checked out the physical store, and it’s very much bondage / Gorean stuff, and she wasn’t comfortable there. She couldn’t find the vendors quickly, so she booked out.


Jem is wearing:

  • Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
  • Skin: Amacci Skin Tyne (Cream – 01 Natural)
  • Eyes: La Boheme Eyes Nebula (Set 1: 9)
  • Hair: Zibska Titan (01, hand-dyed)
  • Attachments: Slink Avatar Enhance hands and feet
  • Dress: Bender Broken Corset Dress (Blue)
  • Boots: FasterPussyCat Miss-Treated Thigh Boot (gold)
  • Accessories: Elegance Boutique gloves from their Nada outfit (Red); Ceres Dali bangle (Oxidized Silver); Maxi Gossamer Boho Bangles (Gold and Lapis Lazuli), Esme earrings (gold), and Filigree Oval necklaces (gold); ~Soedara~ Cihuapilli Sidh Face Jewels (Gold)
  • Makeup (eyeshadow application order): SlackGirl Orion makeup (06); MONS Womanizer eyeshadow (navy); Dead Apples Smudged Metallic Underliner (Gold); ATIA’s Tintable Eyeliner – Cat (hand-colored to old gold); Zibska Blacktop lipstick (11)

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