All the poets I’ve ever read
say lovers, old or new, must meet
in fields of green grass or new-mown hay
places blowing with wildflowers
and warm with sunshine


But you don’t find places like that everywhere and when
You can’t meet your lover in a field of poppies and daisies
when you’re in Michigan in the winter
Two may plight their troth ‘neath an arch of roses
but never in December northlands


Still, the heart recks not the time nor place
for a lover’s reunion
The skies may be grey as a ghost’s eyes,
the wind howling from the heights,
flurries blowing in the breeze
instead of peony blossoms —
but when he calls,
wherever he is,
whenever he is,
you will come


You need not even touch him;
just see him
and naught else matters to you
The freezing blast becomes
balmy breezes of May
The seabirds’ croaks transmuted
to the song of bluebirds
And a world of snow and brown grasses
refashions itself in your heart’s eye
to the greenest of gardens
all for the sake of one person


You rush to meet him —
or he comes to you
for it doesn’t really matter —
and you wouldn’t trade where you are
for the warmest resort
in Spain or Italy
All you want is the touch of his hand
the caress of his arms
the brush of his warm lips against yours —
and the promise of later
when even this shall pale
before bright moments in the dark
and the quiet
and the solitude of two


What do time or place mean
to the union of hearts?
To those in love and separated
a second apart is an eternity
and Eden a barren desert
To those rejoined
a day is too little
and the emptiest desert a paradise


When you find the one who’s the Other You
cling to the time together
glory in the places you can share your lives
and glorify God in gratitude
for the happiness showered on you both

— Harper Ganesvoort, 2016


The details:

  • Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
  • Skin: Glam Affair Cleo (America – Clean B)
  • Eyes: La Boheme Antimatter Eyes (Set 2: 6)
  • Hair: D!va Stephanie
  • Attachments: Slink Avatar Enhancement hands and feet
  • Top: Swet Tea cowl neck sweater (Collection 2, applier); SLC Mesh Warm Woolen Poncho Cape (purple)
  • Pants: Larry Jeans Jeans 001 (applier)
  • Boots: Fonde Metal Thigh Boots (24k Gold)
  • Accessories: EarthStones Quetzalli necklace and earrings; Kunglers Nin rings (right hand) and Gaby rings (left hand); Zaara pashmina shawl (bottle green)
  • Makeup: LIVIA Zalia Eyeshadow (Blue); *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (vintage); {MUA} Jewels Lipstick (Hepcat)

Photographed in Furillen

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