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A few things have been happening here among the Around the Grid world over the past week, mostly in real life.  I’m finally feeing up to sharing them with you, primarily because I’m not flat in my bed now (relatively speaking).

First is that I’m recovering from a nasty bout of diverticulitis that sneaked up on me on Tuesday.  Without going into too many details, it’s an infection that starts up in the bottom end of the piping system called your intestinal tract; and it’s taking some nasty-tasting antibiotics to get me cleaned up.  I’m finally able to sit up and write this now without fighting a constant pain in the bottom of my guts.

However, that isn’t the main thing that’s been limiting my in-world work (although that would have been enough).  Right now, my desktop — meaning my Second Life machine — is in the shop, getting an antibiotic treatment of its own.  I picked up some malware from something or other, probably from Chrome, and I just couldn’t find the culprit myself, so I’m getting the thing worked on by a professional I trust.  I’ll probably need to update to Kaspersky antivirus software after this as well.  If the tech can’t clean it out, that means that I’ll need to replace the desktop, and I’m not looking forward to this; but it can be done.

Lack of access, incidentally, means that it’s difficult at best to get in to any of my Flickr groups — including the Oscar Fashion Photo Contest group — to approve photos.  For OFPC entrants, don’t give up hope; I think I should be back in operation within another week or so.  I can’t do much right now due to the limitations of Web-based Flickr on a tablet (which is how I’m writing this piece).  But, if nothing else, consider it an extension of the contest if it does take me a while to get going again.

The next piece of news is a little unhappy for me on a personal level, though nothing affecting me directly.  My co-writer for a year, Jem Sternhall, has let me know that RL commitments mean she won’t be able to spend writing time now on the blog.  She was not a frequent writer before, and I understand her reasons for choosing to back out of the hard graft of writing.  She’s promised to still help me with photos in future for my storyboarding work.  I’ll maintain her account on the blog back door for her as a guest writer just in case, and I wish her all the best for where her RL path is taking her.

Finally, and on a happier note, keep your eyes on your local pubic radio schedule (or check their Web site) for an upcoming episode of The TED Radio Hour.  One of the people on it will be Philip Rosedale — blessed be Philip, and health to his codpiece.  I don’t know how much he’ll be talking about Second Life, but it’ll be interesting to hear what’s going on in Philip’s head now.

Consider my usual signature appended here; another fun thing working with tablet software — I can’t get to the online graphics library.

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