Hallelujah, I’m Back!

Well, dropping that news piece yesterday must have been what did the trick for my computer; my tech called me today to tell me my desktop was nice and sanitized.  The nasty news:  it took five different packages to clean out the malware that had accumulated.  The technique of the slime mold that write these programs just keeps getting better and better.  A hint:  if you’re still using AVG, dump it.  They’re no longer the sharp edge they used to be.  My tech installed a program called ESET, and you may want to look into this for yourself.

Any road, I’ll be gradually cleaning up things as time and my gut allow, and things should be running smoothly within a day or two.  OFPC gets priority right now, of course; and, since I’m back well before the contest deadline, the old timetable in the rules holds.  Thanks for your forbearance.

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Posted February 3, 2017 by Harper Ganesvoort in Meta

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