Amazing Photo Shares

If you’ve been to my Flickr stream, you’ll see that I put up most of my photos under Creative Commons sharing allowances.  As long as you attribute who took the photo, I’m usually cool with the use.  Well, Cajsa Lilliehook added a plurk tonight, talking about some of the…interesting…uses her own photos have been put to.  Someone apparently illustrated an article on food spots in Palos Verdes, Calif. with a photo of a kale burrito she took one time.

That made me wonder where my own photos have been to, so I Googled “photo by Harper Ganesvoort”, and this is what I’ve found:


A culture festival in León, Spain back in December — with a photo from about 2008!  (I’m wearing a vintage Nicky Ree gown and Tukinowaguma hair, for the record.)


A page devoted to, apparently, fireplace rings.


From a site for Hallowe’en tattoos.

(Laughing)  More power to them, I guess….

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