They say that magic becomes real at the crossroads
The places not quite here
Yet not quite there
The balance points between “was” and “will be”
When the doors between worlds open
And possibilities are unleashed

The twilight is like a crossroads
The borderland between
The light of day and dark of night
You may slumber through the night
And drift through the day
But then the sun truly descends, and the shadows lengthen
The day’s cares are abandoned
As if they had never been

As the magic grows
You race for your home
But oh, only for a span of time
The power swirls about you
As you shed the weeds of workaday
It caresses and teases, the sweetest of lovers
As you gown yourself in glory
It sings sweetly to all your senses
While you touch paint to your lips
Shadow to your eyes
Roses and musk to your throat

And then the door is flung wide
The spell is set
And it shapes your night like a sculptor’s hand to the marble
You give yourself over to gaiety
Drown yourself in music
Reel in the dance’s intoxication
You flirt and flaunt, tease and tempt
Till you capture the one
Who has in turn captured you
And when that moment strikes
Upon the chimes of the night

Then…a new spell begins

— Harper Ganesvoort, 2017


The details:

Both wear —

  • Head: Akeruka (Latifah in Viola; Keiko in Nami)
  • Body: Maitreya Lara 3.5
  • Eyes: IKON Sovereign (Latifah’s color is Leonine; Keiko’s is Emerald)
  • Hands: Vista Prohand 2
  • Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe 1.2.4
  • Gown: Junbug Hot Love (Latifah in Hot Pink, Keiko in Sapphire)
  • Jewelry: Real Evil Luxy Rings

Latifah wears —

  • Skin: Lure Olivia (Cocoa)
  • Hair: EMO-tions Tari
  • Shoes: KC Couture Etherea
  • Jewelry: Lazuri Ophira suite (necklace, bracelet (1 of 2), earrings)
  • Makeup:
    • Lipstick: alaskametro Mage (slot 6)
    • Eyeshadow: Zibska Sabana (slot 7)
    • Nails: La Boheme Ombre Glossy Set5 Yellow (slot 6)

Keiko wears –

  • Skin: Akeruka standard skin tone 3
  • Hair: Letituier Dara
  • Shoes: KC Couture London
  • Jewelry: Kunglers Cerys suite (earrings and necklace, silver)
  • Makeup:
    • Eyeshadow: Booty’s Beauty Mystic (slot 2)
    • Lipstick: alaskametro Dryad (slot 3)
    • Nails: Boss Gloss Heart of Summer

Photographed in Furillen (Pandora Empire region)


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