Fantasy Faire Has Returned!

I’d finished the posing for my last article — well, I had to get myself into the stadium somehow in Second Life as well as real life, and that takes some photographic tricks — and was taking the time to meet with Jem, to discuss the next piece she was planning on.  (You’re seeing a sneak peek here.)  We were talking about where might be a good place to pose, when there was an almighty whoosh of air, coming out of the cavern entrance I use as a teleport point for the temple platform we were at.

Taking a peek inside the cavern, we found something what didn’t belong there — a big glowing ball of blue radiance.  A little scary looking; but, being reckless, uh, curious women, we walked carefully forward into the blue mist.

That’s Jem on the left, me on the right — HG

The next thing we knew, we had gone through the back wall of the cave, and had emerged onto — swear to you — a bridge hanging in space.  With fountains playing alongside on both sides.  Some of the blue energy had peeled off and “clung” to us as we moved through; before we realized what was happening, our bodies had absorbed the power, and we had been — transformed.  Our hair, our clothes, our bodies themselves…it was beyond belief.

There was another energy curtain on the other side of the bridge.  Not seeing much alternative, we walked on through…

…and, not surprisingly, found that we weren’t in Kansas anymore, Toto.

Wondering what the hell was going on, I scrabbled through my mind for an explanation — and then it hit me.  “Jem, it’s April.  This is the Fairelands; they’ve come back!  We’re in Fantasy Faire!!!”

Jemmy had to practically hold herself together with hoops, she was so excited.  She’d really enjoyed her first Fantasy Faire last year.  Smiling, I beckoned her on, and we set off to find the great road that runs through the Fairelands, beginning yet another travel….

Yes, Fantasy Faire is here again.  Fifteen regions of beauty, adventure and shopping…and of giving.  The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life again benefits from all donations and special purchases made during the Faire’s run, and we both hope you’ll be generous, as well as enjoy your visit.  We’ve only explored a few regions so far, but it looks to be another visual spectacular.  You can find out more details at the Faire blog, or by listening to Fantasy Faire Radio — which is now available, courtesy of Radio Riel, year around!

Teleport to Fairelands Junction to begin your journey.


The details:

Harper wears:

  • Body: Maitreya Lara 3.5
  • Skin: Plastik Constella (Pandoran)
  • Hair: Truth Hair Sally
  • Eyes: IKON Immortal (Quicksilver)
  • Attachments: SLink Avatar Enhancement feet 1.2.4 and hands 2.4
  • Nails: Real Evil Dragon Claws add-ons (non-Bento)
  • Costume: Zenith Charm banshee costume (GACHA)
  • Shoes: Renegade Taylor
  • Makeup (tattoo, application order): JUMO Eagle eyeshadow (Gold); Zibska Custance Drop eyeshadow (Acido); White~Widow Falling Star (Gold); White~Widow Planete (Blue w/eyeshadow); alaskametro Extreme Wing eyeshadow (Electric); MUA All the Ways eyeliner (Pack 1 – 1, vintage); *BOOM* Liquid Glaze eyeliner (lashed Navy, vintage); MUA Suzanne lipstick (Gold, vintage); Blacklace Beauty Lip Strip (Navy); Adam n Eve Face Glitter (Gold)

Jem wears:

  • System body and head
  • Skin and costume: Fallen Gods Solaris skin and costume, and Sun Year eyes (vintage 2014; currently retired, but in the schedule for updating by Alia with modern components)
  • Attachments: SLink Avatar Enhancement feet 2.4 and hands 2.4
  • Shoes: Renegade Nicole



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