Contact Sheet 61 — 2 By Trinana Peach


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Here is a pair of lovely photos from Trinana Peach on a common theme (and in a common gown).

Copyright 2017 by Trinana Peach; all rights reserved to the artist.

Copyright 2017 by Trinana Peach; all rights reserved

The first thing that caught me was the amount of blue; I’ll confess, I’m a sucker for blue, the richer the better.  But the theme of the blue gown, and the “reflections” of the model, is wonderfully executed by Trinana.  I recently tried to do a mirror photograph (of Jem in a mirror), and I discovered how tricky and complicated it can be.  You need to make sure the pose is exactly the same from both angles; you need to make sure you’re using an actual reflection!  (I think it takes more than just turning the camera 180°, but I’ll have to try again to make sure.)  And you need to remove the back wall and the vanity’s mirror to get the right look, etc.  Needless to say, this will take practice.  I’ll leave it to masters such as Trinana for now.

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