Hallowe’en 2017 — The New Refloi

Notice: mature theme and photos, NSFW.

The woman nodded at the image in the holophone’s field and said, “Good evening, umasi; I am En’kele, the refloi being sent to you tonight by the hotel service. I should arrive at your apartment in perhaps 10 minutes.”

“Satisfactory; I shall inform them to pass you up, refloi. Room 320, starside.”

En’kele repeated the room number and nodded with a smile of anticipation, as she had been trained to do, bid the man farewell, and signed off the transmission. Once the holoscreen had blanked, though, she let her nervousness show as she began walking down the pedestrian tubes toward the transients’ hostel. No matter how well the schools trained one, no matter how honored the refloia were in the pleasure-seeking society of the Concordat, one’s first few clients always made one nervous. Especially when you were striking out on your own as a freelance operative, instead of working under the protection of one of the pleasure houses.

A few things put En’kele at ease, though — the reputation of the hostel which had booked her, and the knowledge that Concordat law was strict indeed on those who abused the privileges allowed them by the beings who followed the trade of the refloi. She recited a meditation form of calmness in her mind as she composed her face once more, nodding to passersby as she continued down the corridors to the hostel desk and identified herself.

A short lift ride and another brief walk, and En’kele rang the bell in the door panel of room 320. The portal slid open to reveal a tall man of dusky-yellow skin, with long white hair streaked in a purple color. He was garbed in an expensive-looking red tunic and black trousers, which promised well for his credit status. “Greetings, umasi; I am called En’kele in my trade’s world. May I enter?”

“You may enter freely and unafraid,” the man said, and stepped aside to allow her through the door. “I confess I look forward to this night with you. The repute of your training house is well known.”

“I thank you, umasi,” En’kele said, “and I hope to find as much pleasure with you tonight as I shall offer to you on my part.”  She took a moment to stretch in languor for the client’s delight, as the precepts of the training house insisted she should do at the opening of an evening, and settled in to ply her chosen craft of pleasure ….


The details:

  • Head: Akeruka Viola
  • Body: Maitreya Lara
  • Hair: Argrace Sayaka
  • Boots: Fonde metal thigh boots
  • Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes (right) – Emerald
  • Costume: Zibska Tzofi Gacha Set (collar, headpiece, pasties, 4 “orbits”); Zibska Terose helmet
  • Accessories: Maxi Gossamer Seluka suite (available only as separates); Maddict Starlet gloves
  • Makeup:
    • Face and body tattoo: Fallen Gods Discovery (gold) (GACHA)
    • Eyeshadow: SlackGirl Dream (slot 1)
    • Lashes: Head’s system lashes (thick), supplemented with Oceane Eyeconic mesh lashes
    • Lipstick: Zibska Alured (slot 2)

Photographed in Sindaria (Redrum region). (RPG and combat area; wear observer tag (available at landing zone) before entering)

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