“It’s Coming!”

I was checking out possible sets for a new fashion shoot the other day; I’d already changed my dress, and was thinking of doing it at my own leisure temple ….

But then I looked up, and there was this weird blue glow flickering in front of me.  It zipped off ahead a short way ….

… and expanded rapidly into a globe of energy large enough to fit around me.  A memory from a year or so ago tickled at me, and so I reached out and wiggled a finger at it, saying, “Yes, if you are what I think you are ….”

I guess that was all the invitation the thing needed, because it zipped right back and surrounded me in blue radiance.  I felt the power crackling through and over me ….

… and then it began fading down — and things were definitely different for me.

Smiling with joy, I dug out my phone, and called Jem, who was researching things in our office.  “Jemmy, I think you’d better start putting your costume together.  It’s coming!

Down below, in my house on the surface, Jem replied, “Believe me, boss … I know!  I can’t wait!!”


The gates shall open again for a time, in just three days, on Thursday, April 19.  Prepare, all ye, to pass through, and be changed yourselves!  Learn more ….

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