Contact Sheet 62 — JF Daysleeper

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JF Daysleeper submitted this photo to the Second Life Smoking group, and it caught my attention.  JF hasn’t done much that she’s published on Flickr yet, but she appears from what I’ve seen to have an excellent grasp of the uses of light and soft focus.

Click through for full size.  Copyright 2018 by JF Daysleeper.

The light flare in the back pulls attention to the model’s side of the frame from its possible first attention point, the Styrofoam lunch box in the left foreground; the hazy overall appearance alters the focus quite nicely, while the light gives a warm, golden shimmer to the composition.  The balance overall is wonderfully done, as well.  A purist might carp over the model glancing to “the wrong side,” but that doesn’t really apply in this photo; JF has done extraordinarily well here.

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