Guardian of the Glade

Summoned from the waters of the sacred spring, the Guardian watches over the Glade of the Goddess, fending off those who would profane the holy shrine with their violence ….

When everyone falls i shall rise.
When clouds of darkness cover everything our light will slice
a glimmer of hope, a sign of all that is good in this world.
When all defences are broken my wings
become an impenetrable fortress.
I'll never bend, never falter, never give up.
I shall be your savior, your liberator.
A promise was given, i won't let you fall, i won't let you fail.
If challenges come to your tail, i'll make them know that you're not frail.
Slow it might come but success will be high,
don't be disheartened because it's slow as a snail.
I am just a soul, a broken soul looking for a place.
The place it belongs ....

Silent Guardian by Dimitris Sarris

Fallen Gods is celebrating their 11th anniversary of high-quality fantasy skins and other products, and Alia Baroque always throws a heck of a celebration across much of the month.  Get ye to Selidor before October is out (October being the perfect month for Alia’s products), fill your Inventory, and get going on a Grid-wide hunt!

Behold some old, old jewelry, with a matching hairstyle and staff, called Nautilus by Tekeli-li.  Harper suggested these pieces to me for fantasy occasions, remembering them from her early days.  They haven’t been updated to mesh, and so they have a stiff render cost.  But they’re too nice to forget.  The items are still available, both in the vestigial store in world and on the Marketplace.  I’ll link to the Marketplace pages below.


I’m wearing:

  • Head: Akeruka Monika
  • Body and feet: Maitreya Lara 4.1
  • Eyes: Adoness lucus (crazy purple)
  • Skin: Fallen Gods Flow (Yang, Water)
  • Bikini: Baiastice Panay (Gold)
  • Gloves: L’Emporio Long Bento Gloves
  • Hair, belt, jewelry and staff: Tekeli-li Nautilus

Photographed in Tokebi region

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